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When I found the internet access is unstable, I checked the gateway router and found the following information all over my screen. %DNSSERVER-3-UDPDNSOVERLOAD: Low available memory: dropping <id# 31101> from <cli>.li And ...

c1szhibin by Beginner
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need to configure redundant static route . there is a  single core switch connecting to two MPLS router1  and router2 , both routers active/active MPLS circuit. wanted  route some traffic to MPLS ,  got that IP SLA device tracking can be configured t...

Hi,we're running in our network a bunch of ASR 907, all of them equipped with dual RSPs. On one of those, the secondary RSP failed so today a technician showed on site with a replacement RSP.The problem was that the RSP that he brought had a differen...

ThomasD86 by Beginner
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Hello,   Is there any way to disable the blue LED on the front cover of the new 1100 series routers? Can't find anything in the 1100 series software configuration guide about it.   Specifically in this case I have a C1111-8P but the other models also...

We plan to upgrade IOS image in cisco 2821 ISR router.The image running currently is 12.4(24)T4 and this image was released in 2011 (or maybe earlier). So my guess is newer image might have been released for this model as Cisco site shows that End-of...

vikram4 by Beginner
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Hi Team,What is the correct support option(s) to choose to ensure we have technical support coverage for both the Network and DNA SW stacks ?From the various documentation I have seen, it alludes to the fact that the DNA subscription licensing includ...

sld by Beginner
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Need to know the best way to route multiple interfaces. I have a router with 4 interfaces one outside and three inside. outside wan internet interface10.1.1.1 inside lan interface10.1.2.1 inside lan interface inside lan interfa...

compiled by Beginner
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I have a Cisco 829 cellular router that has the following message repeating.  I have tried a couple of fixes I Googled but no luck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. *Mar 29 14:07:19.997: %CELLULAR-2-MODEM_DOWN: Cellular0/0 modem is now DOWN.*M...

Hi, I'm new with ISR 4331 + CUBE. Everybody from outside has access to the webui , ssh, telnet. How can I unbind the Services from the outside interface ?Port 80, 443, 22, 23 is open. All traffic from inside should have access to outside.CUBE  (SIP, ...

SMW by Beginner
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Resolved! s-2-s vpn

HelloTrying to enable vpn on remote peers but i didn't see any logs in the debug, seems i have issue in my routing or vpn config.Need your suggestion to make it work. Below mentioned the topology details R2#sh run | sec crypto | access-listcrypto isa...

feroz syed by Participant
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