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Resolved! 2811 port forwading?

our 2811 gets the internet from comcast static IP and communicates to other devices to our network via a T1.I need to setup a port forward to allow traffic to a webcam insode the network, anything coming from outside (comcast)on port 80 and send it t...


Can someone explain what ICMP exactly is and what is the proper command to enable ICMP.-J

omgjames1 by Beginner
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SDM certificate

Hello,I'm using SDM to configure routers.It works just fine till I close the connection,reconfigure the network(ips,routing protocol etc)...and then...I can't use https to reconfigure it by's a certificate problem..has anyone know smth about...

cannot apply policy-map to an inteface

I am trying to apply policy map on the outside interface but I get error saying shape average/bandwidth are not supported on the interface. Hardware: 6513 with WS-SUP720-3BXLIOS: s72033-adventerprisek9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF3Here is the config class-map m...


Can anyone tell me or send good understadning of CDN ( Content Delivary Network) , How it works , Design and good paper to understand the things properly...-Minu

ADSL to GigEthernet

Hello, Guys i need someinput. I have got a Cisco 2621-XM router with IOS "flash:c2600-js-mz.123-19.bin". I am trying to have the connection from my ADSL Router to the Gig-E port Connection on the Cisco GSR. Following is my CE config. Has anyone d...


Hi...when connection customer to customer in vpn mpls there is a label in mpls packet that identify customer. how and the label is generated. is the mbgp process that create them? or the ldp? please correct me... is the label unidirectional too? mean...

jemekeren by Beginner
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Resolved! T3 Configuration Verification.

My customer told me that T3 line has many CRC error during day.So I checked my configuration, the config like below:card type t3 1!controller T3 1/0 cablelength 10!interface Serial1/0 description From Seoul To Chung do bandwidth 44210 ip address 10.4...

syjeon by Beginner
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fw feature in ios routers

we use one cisco2811 router between two LANs as a firewall (while it contains fw feature)(C2800NM-ADVSECURITYK9-M), Version 12.4(3g)in classic firewalls (PIX) we can configure groups : set of computers, then in one rule we can make this group as sour...

ohassairi by Contributor
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Resolved! debug isdn output shown

I've seen this problem once before but cant remember how to solve it.I'm running a 2851 as a h323 gateway connected to an E1. when i run 'debug isdn q931' i'm not seeing the output although i know for a fact calls are going in and coming out. i'm con...

Software Emulation Exception

Hi, The cisco router 1720 kept restarting itself this morning. When i log in to the console, it show me the message below:*** Software Emulation Exception ***PC = 0x80c60000, Vector = 0x1000, SP = 0x80004ba4monitor: command "" aborted due to exceptio...

ssweehin by Beginner
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access-list on intervlan

Dear Experts,Please advice !!!!I would like to do,1- All the Vlan can access to IP ( Internet)2- PC on Vlan 10 can access all the vlan and ip but all the vlan cannot access to Vlan 103- PC on Vlan 20 can access only Vlan30 but...