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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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if i was using CLI to do:ppp chap password <password>how can i use something i can recognize, and still encrypt it? if i do a "ppp chap password 0 pw", then my password "pw" is open to viewing, but if i do "ppp chat password 5 pw", "pw" wouldn't be ...

I have a 3640 router. I also have a VWIC-MFT-E1 card and Im trying to setup a ppp connection to a branch office. I have configure the E1 controller and assigned an ip address of to serial interface "serial 0/2:0" but Im not able to p...

I'm testing QoS strategy on test network and I'm using wireshark to get result on my test scenario. I'm testing video broadcast across a network made with three 2600 router and 2 BPS2000 (Nortel switch) at the boundary.PC1----BPS2000(switch)-----rout...

Djule2804 by Level 1
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This is the show flash on my 837, how can I free up space:System flash directory:File Length Name/status 1 6171780 c837-k9o3y6-mz.123-2.XA.bin 2 6141952 sdm.tar [deleted][12313860 bytes used, 6908 available, 12320768 total]12288K bytes of ...

whiteford by Level 1
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How can I turn on the enable password on a router?I have tried, do i need a restart?Current configuration : 3539 bytes!! Last configuration change at 13:39:20 UTC Wed Aug 1 2007 by itacc355! NVRAM config last updated at 13:39:10 UTC Wed Aug 1 2007 by...

whiteford by Level 1
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Hi,I have a LL (2mbps) one end of which is having V.35 o/p and the far(remote) end it is G.703 o/p.These are the o/p from the modem. Would they work with each other.... sample config would be more helpful...Thanks,

I have a 2851 running 12.4(13c) Advanced IP Services and installed a NME-XD-48ES-4S-P module in slot 0. The problem I am having is the 2851 is not recognizing the metwork module. I am receiving error message: Unknown (type 65535) Port adapterwhen I ...

ssjoberg by Level 1
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Hi,We find that we can ping segment but we cannot ping segment in HK. how can we access two segment in HK via VPN? please adviseenclosed the config for your refer. ------hk! crypto isakmp key owt address 203.x.x.xcrypto ma...

leungcm by Level 1
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