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Hello, Our sysadmin has left our place and before htat decided to delete all data from his laptop and backupstorage.We have a cisco ISR 4331 and we don't have the admin password. We can acces pishically to it and plug a wire into the console port. Si...

Damoab by Beginner
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Hello Guys,Actually I have a router and I was allocated with a block of public ip address from the ISP.It's LAN interface have an internal IP address and it's connected to a firewall.In fact, I wanted I'm going to use a specific public IP from the ra...

hello, i have an issue, i can connect from PC to router using PPTP and ping address but nothing else, here is my topology, any help?


In a single area OSPF, suppose there are five routers A, B, C, D, E. Now if C and D are DR and BDR and router A is directly connected to only router B. How does router A decide that it has to form adjacency only with DR and BDR and not with other rou...

Sagar4 by Beginner
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Hey guys,I'm trying to setup my home internet on Cisco router. ISP is via PPPoE connection - NBN HFC (cable modem).Here is my configuration and debug: interface GigabitEthernet1no ip addresspppoe enable group 42pppoe-client dial-pool-number 42interfa...

kolomja3 by Beginner
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Hi,I am trying to configure asr1000 as bras with dynamic download traffic police mapFor example 50mbps as a peak speed, but when the traffic stuck at full speed for 5 minutes will be dropped to 30mbps till the traffic slowing down less 30mbps then re...

tholog by Beginner
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HiWhat difference are there between Etherchannel layer 2 & layer 3?and where layer 2 is used and where layer 3 is used and Anything about advantage and dis-advantage of these methods.Thanks in advance

N.ima0102 by Beginner
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Hi Team,We are experiencing Link down issue, lease anyone help to why link went down.Below are the logs...2023 Feb 27 16:18:53 QROMSPCNXL3B201 %ETHPORT-5-IF_DOWN_LINK_FAILURE: Interface Ethernet1/51 is down (Link failure)2023 Feb 27 16:18:53 QROMSPCN...

arakeshr by Beginner
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Hello,I need to monitor the bandwidth on a Cisco ISR4451-X router via SNMP. I am attempting to find the correct OID's as well as determine the alert threshold parameters. I have included a picture showing the available variables that can be included ...

SCTech by Beginner
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I don't know how to config router c1100 series. ip address pc1: address pc2 : address server : Client external come into use remote server  

WanisaCh by Beginner
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I have a tunnel from Cisco IOS-XE (SDWAN) to Zscaler configured. The crypto phases are up (IKEv2 and IPSec), however the VTI is down: swn-01#sho crypto ipsec sa interface Tunn11 interface: Tunnel11Crypto map tag: Tunnel11-head-0, local addr 10.241.17...