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I have an ASA 5505 and I need to port forward multiple outisde ports to an inside host. I usually do a port forward to a single port with the following, as an example for external access to cameras via cli: object network CAM_8000host x.x.x.200 (IP o...

NMBowser by Beginner
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Hello,  I currently have an PTP going from my satellite office to my main office.  All traffic goes through this connection.  I have a new connection coming in in which I would like to route internet traffic out separately.  Currently, traffic all go...

Hi everybody, I have some questions about license issue. I thought only there was only one image to any device, and then you select the correct license depending on what you want to use. Now, I would like to upgrade my IOS, and when I check web I can...

I have a n9k switch where I have couple of vrf's like management,default,107,108 . Traffic is getting routed via management.I want to make 107 vrf accessible to outside network.I have very limited commands in management so can't leak routes.  

VK20 by Beginner
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Hello, ASR 9006 High cpu usage on RSP1.Сan someone explain to me what the problem is?Thank you!sh logRP/0/RSP1/CPU0:Mar 6 12:16:23.394 : wdsysmon[446]: Process hd_drv pid 49186 prio 21 using 50 percent is the top user of CPURP/0/RSP1/CPU0:Mar 6 12:16...

This is how I do it on ASAobject network L2L_NAT_OVERLOAD_IP host network L2L_NAT_DST subnet (INSIDE, OUTSIDE) source dynamic LAN_INTERNAL L2L_NAT_OVERLOAD_IP destination static L2L_NAT_DST L2L_NAT_DST th...

Aaron_un by Beginner
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i can't ping from Admin to R1 or R2 or any of the endpoints connected to R1 but i am able to ping R3 from admin and then am able to ping the endpoints of R1 from the cli of R3 any ideas on what the issue is 

Whats up Cisco forum users, So i am experiencing something weird, basically when i mention the explicit-path in the segmented routed Tunnel (with the command 'path-option 10 explicit name path1 segment-routing' , for example) the Tunnel does not work...

Alan_4 by Beginner
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