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hi,I have a subnet that gets into the pix from the outside interface.what I'm trying to do is to change the source that is 172.16.x.x to something like 192.168.99.x so basically the user with the source ip changes to 192.168.9...

Hi, I have a Cisco router 7206 with a NPE300 module with 128M of memory and a Catalyst 6509 with a MSFC2 module with 128M of memory. Is it enough to implement OSPF contend two areas, (0 and 1), with authentication between them and making routing of 1...

t.cbd by Level 1
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Hello,I have cef load balancing working on parallel connections between our main site and a regional office. I verify this by "sh ip cef"It shows two paths to the other network on each side. I then took down an interface on one end to...

Does anybody knows if it is possible to run redundant PRP-2s on a GSR12006 chasis with different RAM memory size? This situation is due to a memory upgrade on both cards trying to avoid any service interruption.

Dear AllWe have two vpn routers 7209 these are terminated in switch1 and under remote offices also there.1)please send me the sample configuration for vpn routers.2)how to configure in our remoteoffice int serial interface and bri0.please ...

subashmbi by Level 1
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i dont want to allow users to enter in to the config mode of the 1721 router series cisco based only global configuration mode should be allowed access.

Hello,We have a remote office which is connected with HQ through two leased lines (2MB & 128 KBPS ) as shown in the diagram. Both the lines are terminated in two separate Routers and we are doing the load balancing now between two lines. Now , we wou...

raju by Level 1
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