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Resolved! QOS clarifications

Dear Expertsi want to apply QOS for my Cisco video endpoint which is registered on Cisco cloud, i have the below setup of my organization.Access switch---->Core---->Internal  Firewall----> Perimeter Firewall--->ADSL Router---> ISP i want to reserve b...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi!I've got an IR829-2LTE-EA-EK9 that I have an intention of setting up as following if possible.Primary: WAN - Connected to a router providing IP over DHCP.Secondary: Cellular 0 - Primary LTE.Secondary 2: Cellular 1 - Secondary LTE.I've been trying ...

magnus42 by Beginner
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Dears,when we upgraded the 4331 router from version,03.16.04b.S to Gibraltar-16.12.3s (ED),The license has converted to smart license with an evaluation period. Please we want to back it to the permanent IP base license.Please help

I have created a VPN IPSec Tunnel between my Cisco ASA5515 and an Ubiquity Edge Router Lite. I am passing three different subnets. Everything is working great except when I changed the DH Group to 21 I no longer can have access to all three subnets. ...

markwitt by Beginner
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H folks, I need to let specific broadcast Ip pass over a link from one switch to another while all other traffic are blocked. I have used the following but I still get broadcast storm.config# ip access-list extended block_All_ExceptOneconfig# permit ...

m-abooali by Enthusiast
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Hello, we have a strange issue occurring that I was hoping someone might have some idea on. We have a hub and spoke site to site vpn network setup where all of our satellite offices connect back to HQ. At HQ we terminate the VPN at a 5515-x asa and h...

jkay18041 by Participant
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Hi Tecck Guys, MPLS VPN implementation in core and two seprate distribution switches clusters. i have Core switches (virtual stackwise) + Route reflector /MBGP/MPLS Distribution Cluster 1 = (virtual stackwise): CE to MPLS VPN domain //MBGP/MPLS Distr...