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hi,i would like to know what's the purpose of the line 'ip ssh precedence x'?my google search only provides its command reference with no detailed this to mark/classify SSH traffic sourced locally from the router and then prioritize on...

Hi, For my study i need to design a small network with 2 different subnets that can communicate with eachother. PC1 has the ip address: has the ip address: The routers are configured with RIPv2.  R...

sb_nick by Level 1
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Kindly suggest what to do. After login router 2900 continuously giving same msgs"fan tray was removed. Please re-insert fan tray  to prevent overheating " It was in running condition. unable to run any command as it is continuously giving same warnin...

  Ask Me Anything Forum In this event we will answer all your questions related to dynamic routing protocols with IPv6 configuration, verification, troubleshooting, and general best current practices. All questions regarding design, in-depth mechani...

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Hello,Due to some paperwork requirements, I am looking for any documentation stating what the ASR1002-HX Energy Star or EPEAT certification's are.

Resolved! Edge Switches

I have 2 Catalyst 9300 L3 Edge switches. I have 1 fiber connection to the ISP with 1 IP address for Internet traffice and a Metro-E for our WAN fiber connection. I have 2 swithces in case of failure. I have the switches cabled, 1 with the Internet co...

Hello, Would like to know the meaning of below service chain configuration. The situation is that I encountered an issue where we run a packet capture end-to-end but from the 3rd party(cloud security provider) side I'm seeing that somehow the packets...


Hi,the platform is Cisco ISR (IOS-XE 16.12), a couple of vrf with route-leaking through mp-bgp (bgp tables and ribs correctly filled, no mpls).How could I make a static nat to work if nat inside interface is on vrf 1 and nat outside interface is on v...

This is a closed network running DMVPN phase 2/3 with two hub routers/sites and multiple (100+) spoke sites. The issue the network is having is a couple of spoke sites fail to connect to a couple of other spoke sites but are able to connect to a majo...

bymc by Level 1
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If the static route is down, will it immediately use default route and then fail as there are no suitable routes?  Or will it still attempt to search for possible routes before using default route?I filtered all routes for 162.102.x.x IP segments.sta...

rakuten02 by Level 1
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hi,i'll need to add PVDM3-32 in 2911. currently, it has PVDM3-16. i know there are 2x PVDM slots in the question are:1. do i insert the new PVDM3-32 in the spare (second) slot? will this add up 48 channels (16 + 32) or just a maximum o...