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Hey Guys. Beginner here so please forgive me.  I am looking at the ROAS arrangement and have tried to set it up in packet tracer but i just cannot seem to get 2 computers to ping each other.  Here is the config that i have: Switch:#show vlan br10 STA...

I have been working to 'take over' a turn key network that was built for our company. In the configuration update template, I added our corporate DNS servers, domain-name, and enabled DNS lookup. When testing the name lookups, it did not work right a...

Hello all,  I'm getting struggle in adding a new Spoke to a DMVPN. This DMVPN Network consists of one HUB and 4 Spokes in different locations. I have configured the new Spoke exactly wit the same config as the current ones, however while trying to in...

Hi, a while ago i received 16 routers and they all didnt work: The solution  But the router i used to try the solutions now isn't able to go thru with this solution when i boot the router it gives this output and stays in a loop of this:Initializing ...

Bobns by Level 1
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Hi There, i understand that the ISR 4Ks do not support BSTUN / STUN protocols for tunnelling serial traffic over IP. Does any one know what the workaround / alternative solution is for the ISR 4Ks? I am looking to take traffic inbound on a serial in...

rays by Level 1
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Hi, I'm trying t open a support case with CISCO TAC but when I open the support case manager, the "open a new case" tab is not highlighted so I can't click on it.I've logged into my cisco account and I'm still experiencing the same issue. Could someo...

Hi Guys,recently I have noticed such strange inconsistency regarding BGP route-id selection in IOS-XE, NX-OS and IOS-XR.In all official documents they say it is based on highest IP address of loopback ip address but "Troubleshooting BGP: A ...

hi , i have ASR1006 with IOS XE 16.09i am looking to limit connection for per user Session ,  i read about commend  set connection per-client-maxbut this commend i can't find in my policy-map  so how to imit connection for per user Session  in ASR100...

Resolved! ISR 4331 Crash

Hi, So I just got a new ISR4331 router for connection with my ISP, the router is meant to have 4GB default RAM size. I intend to use the router to receive full BGP table from my ISP and I believe that I should be able to do this seamlessly as theoret...

Dears, It is confusing to understand what is the default throughput of ISR 1000 series router, i have been through different links and on every link the throughput differs , i hope somebody can help me to understand the default throughput.Also i woul...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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Hi, simple scenario. PC want to get to server.  ASA check by IP SLA availability route to Server A and to Server B. Is there any option how to translate NAT IP on ASA to local IP of server according availability? (Server A a Server B are on different...

Hi All,     I am having a problem with OSPF neighbors stuck in the state of INIT.   I am currently running a point to multipoint network.  The core of the network has a Cisco 6509 installed and at each remote site either a cisco 3750x or a cisco C356...

rpozywak by Level 1
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Dear i am planning to have a LTE 5G technology on ISR routers 4000 or 1000 series, can anybody suggest me that do isr routers support 5G, becz i see the last support for LTE advanced Pro which is cat18, do we have anything 5G supported currently or o...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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Dear Community, i have an c1111Router.Which is the latest ios to use without smart net?i got a license file, IP Base.but cannot install because smart net is enabled.I read somewhere, only ios up to ? can use without smart net.please advice

m.yildiz by Level 1
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