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Hello. I am learning CCNA. I am creating a test environment. I have a few questions regarding this Verizon internet router.Usually when we connect to the home router it gives the private network however when i connect this Verizon router it shows the...

ankitohc by Spotlight
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Hi, I need help with configuring an MLS.Its an assignment, but not one I'm supposed to turn in, its extra materials.I have 2 PCs, VLAN 10 and 20, connecting to the same router. PC3 is connected to another router.They run DHCP.These two routers are co...

Pelasgiii by Beginner
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I'm trying to understand what the recursive keyword actually does. I've labbed several scenario's and I seem to get the same result whether the recursive keyword is there or not. Can someone explain to me the purpose of this keyword?

For the life of me I can't find where the 1100 console gateway server software is for C1100TG-1N32A c1100tg-universalk9.17.03.04a.SPA.bin Should i just be using the 1100 series ios xe software!

We are having to upgrade our code on our router due to a published vulnerability.  What we typically do in this situation is burn the required image to a USB stick and then watch it when we put it in the router, and the router will give you back "Usb...

KMNRuser by Beginner
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Hi all, I want to order ASR1001-X with license for 10Gbps routing traffic ( FLSA1-1X-5-10G ). I need one 10GE port.Do I need to order license FLSA1-BIN-1X10GE to enable 10G port?Is there any chance that maybe one 10GE license is included If I upgrade...

Many thanks to the community for tolerating some of my questions and helping me learn more about Cisco routers. Recently, a user helped me to get NAT running on our router using a single IP address on GigbitEthernet0/0/0 to a corporate network. For a...

bakerjw by Beginner
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Hello friends, I test IP source guard on EVE-NG as below topo: I config on switch DHCP snooping and IP source guard. then VPC get IP from DHCP server (R1) ok But dont know why after I enable IP source guard, VPC3 can not ping to R1 (If i...

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