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Smart license registration lost

I have issue with Cat9k smart license. The switches was successfully registered  to CSSM. After reload the license information dissapeared and the switches run again in evaluation mode.     Smart Licensing Status ====================== Smart Licensi...

Petr Nyvlt by Beginner
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CISCO 819-4G won't let me change APN

The following is the command I attempt and the results. Any idea why it won't write?  microgrid#cellular 0 lte profile create 3 ne01.VZWSTATICAccess Point Name (APN) = vzwinternetUsername =Password =Authentication = NONE  Profile 3 already exists wit...

jwelch1 by Beginner
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S2S VPN Between Cisco CSR 1000V and Cisco ASA

I have on-prem Cisco ASA and in AWS 2x Cisco VSRs. I'm trying to set up a VPN tunnel between those devices. Some requirements:IP addresses between tunnels must be via DHCP (i.e. I don't want to specify the IP addresses... it should pick up automatica...

mthomaz by Beginner
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rip with classless and overlap question

Why I get overlap when I add router and on one port I add with subnet mask overlaps with the other port that have on it even it is 16 bit subnet mask and that 8 ? The second question is how I can ping on thi...


Permit 3260 traffic port

Hello, I need to know port 3260 is blocked on my router. I know I can allow it through an acl, but I do not know how to do it or how to know if it is not necessary because it is not blocked, I need to unblock it to use the iSCSI protocol in one of my...

DHCP not working on Router connected to a Switch via a trunk for a WLC Flexconnect Local Switching AP scenario

I have a scenario where I am trying to provide DHCP locally at a remote site in a WLC FlexConnect Local Switching Scenario. I would like a router subinterface that is connected via a trunk to an access switch where a Cisco AP is connected via a trunk...

Task from subnetting

HelloIm solving some task from subnetting.I got address and mask of S1 network and R3 routing table.I counted everything for S1 network and got stucked.What will be the address and mask of S2 ?.I assumed (broadcast of P3 + 1),but im no...


advertise network redistribute single host

Hi I have a the follow topology one router with VRF 1:1 advertising to me a networks from RIP and for other VRF 1:3 with OSPF. and import/export network without problem but I need know a network for RIP then redistrubute just a single host in to OSPF...

SG350: not able to ping another switch across subnets with layer 3 enabled

Here's a simplified version of some of the issue I'm having: Switch “A” is a Cisco SG350 with layer 3 enabled and has 2 VLANs. VLAN 10 ( and VLAN 20 ( “B” is also a Cisco SG350 and has just the single default VLAN wit...

ASA VPN Routing

Good Afternoon, Hoping I could get some clarification on something related to Cisco ASA tunnels that a bit confusing. I have provided a general high level diagram to hopefully help illustrate my point. My main focus would be from the East Coast persp...

NAT for locally generated traffic

Hi I'm doing NAT in the edge router for the traffics goes to the internet, NAT is working fine but the locally generated packets are also nating  (ex: BGP packets.because of which my bgp peer is down)If I exclude the source address of BGP packet from...

sivam siva by Participant
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Resolved! Router can ping but vlan clients can't

Hi We have got a setup with a Pfsense box as the firewall between LAN and WAN. Quick example overview:      Firewall            ^            l            lfa1----R1---fa0    l                 l    l  fa0/21     l fa0/21   S1             S2  Our probl...

Tyrasiv by Beginner
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Resolved! Overlapping addresses

Hello!  I am playing around with a lab and I came across an error in my configuration:Gi0/0 is configured with IP address is configured with IP address error that pops up is " overlaps with Gi0/0". ...