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Hello,I was wondering, how HSRP multicast [Hello messages] are routed.For example in HSRP vers1 [] and HSRP vers2 [].Taking some captures, I realized that HSRPvers1 has a TTL of 1 while HSRP vers does have a TTL value of 255.Does ...

Netmart by Level 1
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My customer is having an issue (I can supply config if required) where they have a 1921 router with a LTE HWIC and the cellular connection is their only link. The issue is they want this to stay up permanently but it keeps dropping. I suspect that th...

julrober by Cisco Employee
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Hi expert If I subscribe internet link 100Mbps from ISP, is that mean I can download maximum 100Mbps and upload maximum 100Mbps at same time?

Hi expert I would like to know about TCP 3-Way Handshake process.Let say I want to download some file from internet.So the TCP 3-Way Handshake only occur at first frame before I download the file or every frame until I finish download it?

Hi everyone, We have ASA firewalls which routes all private subnets (RFC-1918) to our Nexus-9000 switches. These switches have a default route for unknown traffic to our firewalls. We see that sometimes traffic is sent to unknown private subnets, whi...

Hello I'm looking some information in regards to Cisco ISR-4221 IOS upgrade & downgrade. It would be helpful, if you can share your experience & knowledge on the below points.1) ISR 4221 - Upgrade from IOS - 16.9 TO 16.12. WHICH sub version of 16.12 ...

Having an issue getting Multicast through the Cisco ASR1000. Simple setup: VM Linux PC 1 & 2, Cisco ASR100 router in the middle (Router on a stick). Can ping from PC 1&2 to CSR, can ping to/from PC1 & PC2. So generally, looks good.Have enabled Multic...

DaveJ006 by Level 1
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Hello,I have configured Ipsec site to site VPN between two routers all policy parameters and reachability seems ok but tunnel is not getting up i have tried all things nothing is working so pleave have a look R1-------------R2-----------------R3  =~=...

I am trying to solve a Lab about configuring BGP, but I've stopped in this command.ip route null0what is the purpose of this command, also what does null0 means?I think the command workes as ACL, but I need deep information abo...

i has try to make VLSM Address but the WAN LINK 3 has no IP Address because i already used all host of network from Penang network until wan link 2. What should i do if i used all of host available and only Wan link 3 doesn't has any ...

o9aD025.png cdytQJv1.png
Kazukagi by Level 1
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Here is a topology im working on, i have ospf on R1,R2,R3 and i have the INTERNET router as a default gateway on R1.R1 and INTERNET can ping to each other, and all the other computers and routers can reach, but never for some ...

BooBam by Level 1
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Hi guy,I have topology below, I can ping to vlan 1: from all routers: Core1, core2, R1. But I can't ping to vlan 1 from PC 1 and PC2. both pc1 and pc2 can ping all routers and loopback0.Below the picture are my configsPlease help me, th...

John wick by Level 1
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Folks,I have 2 x Cisco 887VA routers connected to different internet links. They both feed a Cisco 2960 switch with runs my Business and Home Network. I have one network printer which I want to printer from any vllan. At this point I can ping the pri...