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Hello When I try to configure BGP FlowSpec I see this error: (config-router)#address-family ipv4 flowspec% BGP: Error initializing topology Is it License Limitation or Software/Platform Limitation? or Bug? BGP working normalyI can not find this featu...

Hi AllRunning into a small problem.I have a C1941 with a EHWIC VDSL card that connects to my ISP, (FTTC) I can get this to connect to the ISP and get my single static IP address. I have now since got a ASA 5520 which i want to put inbetween the route...

Q1) How originator ID is used to avoid RR loops.Q2) If we have two RR and one PE and PE has neighborship with both RR. Then how PE decides that it should take routes from  either RR1 or RR2. Thanks.   


Hi Expertscan you please help me for the below as-path filter creation -IOS XR I am AS-500 and i have peering with AS-200 (my customer ) .AS-200 have peering with there customers for example AS-20 , can i created as filter TEST for sending all...

aruldaspr by Level 1
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Resolved! Routing Protocols

I have an issue while configuring MPLS L3 VPN that customers of CBTSite1 on one PE and Customer of CBTSite2 on remote PE cannot communicate with each other. One site one EIGRP is running and site 2 EBGP is running. Routes are reachable on respective ...


Resolved! Terminal Server

hello! i am new for Cisco. i want to learn about how to create a terminal server (TS) how can find the way to learn that ?? how can i find the terminal server commands??

I am missing one little final step here and I can't seem to figure it out. Basically, I created a Vlan 2 and I can't get any client computer that is on that Vlan (Vlan 2) to ping the router. The two clients on Vlan 2 can ping each other but not the r...


Hello, I had some questions regarding GLBP and load-balancing.According to Cisco documentation, if State-full NAT is being used, you need to enable Host-Dependent balancing."HOST DEPENDENTThe MAC address of a host is used to determine which VF MAC ad...

I am in the process of replacing some of our routers with cisco 3560-CX switches. I have been working on setting one up. I pulled in a modified config of the old router and now I can login. I am trying to reset the cisco 3560-CX to factory default. H...

DonnaJ by Level 1
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