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Hello Experts,Is IOS XR supports OSPFV3 adjacency for ipv4 similar to IOS ? IOS-XR ospfv3 <--ipv4--> IOS ospfv3 ? IOS-XR ospfv3 <--ipv4--> IOS-XR ospfv3 ? Kindly share the configuration if it is possible..  

DSJ1 by Beginner
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I'm fortunate that I have folks presenting me with problems to work as I prep for CCNP Route exam.  this is another one of those, where I may think info is missing but am told "you have all you need."  re EIGRP stub networks/router & queries from nei...

John_S209 by Beginner
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Hi Cisco Gurus! I'm having a big doubt related to Layer 3 HA or Bonding. On one side I have cisco 4900M layer 3 sw, where I 've configured a port channel with 2 ports, and assigned it and ip address: the other side there is a Fortinet...

soporteca by Beginner
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Hi,we have cisco 2900 series router, how can I setup a nat through cli where I can allow  RDP from specific public IPs only to internal network resource. Version on router is 15.6Thanks

Talha by Beginner
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if there are 2 routers are connected with each other over Fiber cable from sfp ports then what kind of network they should called as in OSPF segment ??Thanks

Failover does not happen for the traffic from remote sites when using OSPF default route originate Basically, I have OSPF configured to send the default route to 2 other building routers. And that works, but this main site has 2 ISPs, and when the pr...

I have an ASR 920 | 12 Port with 16.9.2 code that I am attempting to set up NAT on, but I cannot find the commands listed here: Thi...

Dear Guys, We just received a new ASR920 and I try to create a sub interface but I can't.After some research I find that we have to use a bridge domain.For test purpose I connect my laptop to the router in peer to peer mode.And I create bridge domain...

mkouame17 by Beginner
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I have a Cisco 1921 router running 15.7(3)M2 that is consistently dropping certain packets but not others for reasons that are not clear. As an example, a DNS response for (from any server) gets completely dropped (no return packet on Wi...

Hello i have an issue where i have a PC with a vlan 10 and and IP address on it and a switch where there is a vlan 99 on it with an IP address and a router for intervlan, the switch is a layer 2 switch, when i ping the vlan 9...

Hi All, I want to ask for help on how will I configure the telephony service on my topology that there should be a backup route for my VOIP when one serial line is cut-off/removed. I have set the DHCP, OSPF routing also telephony service with the dia...