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Hi All, Where can IP based cisco IOS images for L3 switches be downloaded from? I'd like to use them in GNS3. Thank you in advance,Tamas

Hi, I have a problem with a 2811 Route similar to the one described here: Due to the continuous and unexpected reboots, I have to update the IOS of this de...

Resolved! Sh ip bgp detail

Will someone please explain what the following line, of a sh ip bgp detail means? In particular, the address within parenthesis... (Router ID)? Local from (

Resolved! Layer 3 routing

Hi Hoping someone can advise me.I have a sonicwall TZ400. Im migrating our network to vlan managed network.At the moment all devices expect CCTV are on default vlan1. I have a routing port setup Which is connect to port X...

Dav1787 by Beginner
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It looks like it was never used still in the box and plastic still on everything. It is a Cisco 861 Integrated Services Router. Is this a good thing to start learning on?   I am gonna hook it up and console into it, this is my first ever Cisco device...

raycid74 by Beginner
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i would like to configure a 2650XM with the NM-16AM-V2 modem card as a dial in server. i am new into this and i am so confused on how to set everything up even though i read various guides on how to configure the modem. were do i start and what steps...

ali6359 by Beginner
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Hi everyone, So we just finished setting up our new Cisco router last weekend and we had everything working perfectly...then we had a power outage over the weekend. I have everything back up and running except our guest wifi. SSID is NevadaCall_Guest...

Jeff_Perry by Beginner
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I am not Cisco expert so the following question might sound silly. I have the following path,Laptop--Access Point--Switch1(2960x)--Gateway(core 3850 switch)--Switch2(2960x) I ping to both the Gateway and the Switch2. How come the average response fro...

RabbitSF by Beginner
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I am working on a simple ipsec tunnel config in a lab at home and cannot get the IPSec tunnel to come up between the two ASA's. Any help would be greatly appreciated ASA2# sh crypto isakmp saThere are no IKEv1 SAsThere are no IKEv2 SAs

UMZaman3 by Beginner
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