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MPLS Deployment Basics Steps (Production)

Hi all, My organization has been recently flirting with the idea of deploying mpls for one of client's with multiple sites.Can anyone here please, provide me with a documentation on how to go about this: From the ISP vantage point to the Client's.I k...

4331 routing issue inside to outside

I'm moving my 4331 from storage with a previously known-good config to a new facility.  After making the needed changes for the ISP side of things at the new facility, I'm not able to reach the WAN from anything on the inside. The router itself is ab...

CGS 2520 Alarm Error

Hi,   I have a Cisco CGS 2520 16S 8PC switch that is connected to some external relay via the alarm port. With only the RPS alarm enabled it works perfect and the LED on the switch and the relays reset when power is returned to the switch.  The issue...

J_Cole by Beginner
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Routing vlan traffic into IPIP tunnel

Greetings,So, I have traffic from the LAN side:interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1.10 encapsulation dot1Q 10 ip dhcp relay information trusted ip address 10.x.x.x ip helper-address 10.y.y.y ip policy route-map mymapthat needs to be routed ...

RemRem by Beginner
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How to connect to the internet with cisco 891F?

How to connect to the internet with cisco 891F?WAN port:G8LAN port:G1PING between the LAN port(G1) and this router arrives.I sent a PING from the router to an external address, but no reply.I think that something is wrong with WAN (G8) configuration....

tomo456 by Beginner
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AP2802I vlan challenges (and more)

I'm new to the cisco WAPs and this is killing me -- so pleae forgive my ignorance in advance.     I've got three cisco 2802i's running and mobility express.   I'm running a vlan trunk to each wap with the following setup: vlan 2 -- native v...

gwilson by Beginner
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EIGRP fllaping

Hello community, i have one issue with EIGRP fllaping can any help to fix this issue bellow the debug logs : EIGRP Packet debugging is onRt888#Dec 4 12:01:16.666: EIGRP: Sending UPDATE on Di0 - paklen 0 nbr, retry 15, RTO 5000 tid 0Dec ...

Resolved! Routing Mystery - Help understanding

Good afternoon, We have two 3850 switch stacks:Switch Stack A, Switch Stack B, and our 2 core switches There is a connection between Switch Stack A and Switch Stack B -----Stack A Config----- > Connects to TenGigabitEthernet1/1/3 on Stack Binterface ...

Dual ISP with DNS servers connected to one router over BGP, how to implement redundancy if one link or dns fails

Hello i am having real trouble configuring a network with 2 ISP routers connected to one router, each ISP router has a DNS server + ntp connected. I need to test if the server fails or the link to the server fails, then connect to ISP2 instead thus i...