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  Hello, good morning.   i have problems to get access to the internet behind an 2911. Config should be as follows. internet is provided by an external dhcp server. signal comes through ge 0/1/0. The 2911 should be standard gateway and dhcp server fo...

Ralf110666 by Beginner
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I have live ip setup in Internet 1 & pppoe on 2nd so i want to forward my local pc's service to my static live ip For Egi have configure router as load balancer1)Having Static ip(live) - 10mb 2)Pppoe - 100mb connectionSo i have one local system runni...

 I'm deploying some 899G LTE routers that will need to support a small number (2) of Cisco IP phones. I'm not seeing availability for the typical LAN command "trust device cisco-phone" on any of the (8) GigabitEthernet PoE ports on the router. I'm co...

BradBeer by Beginner
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Hi dear friendsi have a question about a strange happeni have an ASR1006-X, this router has one port-channel interface (20Gbps) that about 1Gbps traffics comes from inside, in this router, i have 5 ACLs for matching traffic, and 5 nat pools for trans...

rezamira by Beginner
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Hi,We have an ASR901 that is continuously generating the following log entries:unit 0 L2X analysisunit 0 L2X entry 25571 parity errorunit 0 IP2_INTR_STATUS parity processingunit 0 XQPORT_INTR_STATUS parity processingunit 0 MEM_FAIL_INT_STAT parity pr...

wandal by Beginner
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Hi all,   I have the below software versions for 2811 routers and I am planning to upgrade them to the latest IOS version 15.1(4) (provided there is enough DRAM). Is it a good option to upgrade to latest version from 12.x version and also I heard tha...

Hi    I am doing a LAB exercise and i need some answeres - i have my own public address that i would like to advertise out   Scenario -1  If i have 1 router but pairing with 2 ISP's and want it to active/passive how do i achieve this? can i use local...

Hello, I have a Cisco ISR1921 router with IOS (c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-4.M4). I inserted a WIC-2T (part number: 800-34377-01), and booted the router. I found that this WIC-2T is not supported. I would like to know now if there's any means to mak...

Hi All, Can someone help me to understand BGP's behavior here?I have 2 HQ's named Slough & Heathrow and multiple sites Eg. Bracknell here.I have BGP running between CE-PE. My concern here is that if I try to reach Slough subnets from Bracknell mentio...

kamtarias by Beginner
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Hi there, Thanks for reading. Is there an algorithm or methodology for right-sizing the circuit speed at the HQ Hub?  I can't allow the remote sites to overflow the Hub but also don't want to throttle the spoke sites.  It's a balance I'm searching fo...

Bob Greer by Enthusiast
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Hi all,I have a Cisco 3850 as my core switch with IP base license. Above that, Cisco 1921 router is there where one of my ISP terminated. I am going to add another ISP to my network. Now, I have to do LOAD BALANCING between WAN Link. I do not have Lo...

Hari_M by Beginner
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