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I have an Gig interface that goes green, but then it drops I don't see anything in the logs on the RTr, or the far end  Switch, I compared the config with a GOOD exiting setup and I can't find anything wrong,    has anyone brought up a connection tha...

wimurphy by Beginner
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Resolved! PBR on Cisco ASA

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here so probably I'm missing something.I got from my work an old ASA 5515-x, to use for personal purpose at home and (why not?) to start learning something new. I have 2 ISP, one wired (7 Mb in down, 0,3 Mb in up) and the ot...

Pounii by Beginner
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Hello! I am trying to set up the following topology, where the devices on the ends do not know the three middle devices are there.Device #1 <> NCS5001 <> NCS5001 <> NCS5001 <> Device #2I have set up OSPF on the NCS's to enable communication between t...

adamspera by Beginner
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I am replacing an old Catalyst 3550 (that has 2 Gig ports) with a 3750 (that has 4)- I used the exact same configuration in the new switch.  When I plugged in the new 3750, the trunk ports started blinking from green to amber.  I dont know why this i...

Hello !I have an issue with the size of the packets transmitted in my network. I have 2 routers linked through serial interfaces. Behind each router, I have a computer. I'm generating a 3Mb TCP flow with iPerf, from PC1 to PC2. The MTUs of all my int...

AdrienF by Beginner
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Anyone seen this message before? 0/RP0/ADMIN0:May 15 06:43:47.709 CEST: mediasvr[2632]: %MEDIASVR-MEDIASVR-4-SSD_LIFETIME_MSG : SSD Device has only 0% percentage of lifetime remaining Does this just mean that the SSD needs replacement? Version is IO...

When we add NTP server details in switch/router so that switch /router can maintain logs in real time ,right?all timing on all switch/router should match also right?Please explain use of NTP server

knaik99 by Beginner
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Hello. I may have to shortly be involved in configuring an (unmanaged ISP) edge router that will be installed at my organization. This is not something I have done before so I was hoping for some help to fully understand the steps that need to be tak...

Ex Network.JPG
Rygo by Beginner
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HelloGood day to you.Could you please help my DMVPN question.R1 is hub,  R3, R4, R5 is spoke. my lab is run in PNET, Configuration had attached.Q1. ip nhrp redirect should input at hub or all spoke?Q2. before I input "ip nhrp redirect" and "ip nhrp s...

gdy1039 by Beginner
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Hey guys, I'm trying to use guestshell to run scripts on router but I'm not able to enable guestshell. I have tried all the fixes suggested for similar queries in the forum but none of them yielded any results. (version 17.4.1)*May 15 17:43:18.305: %...

swa64211 by Beginner
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