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LSI Controller Mega RAID SAS 9260-4i

Hi!I was checking some information about LSI Controller Mega RAID SAS 9260-4i, and it says that it can support 128 SATA or SAS Drives, but it has only 4 Port internal 6Gb/s SATA+SAS. I was wondering how are those 128 drives connected to the server?? ...

Zaira Vega by Cisco Employee
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MDS 9509 migration disater!

OK,So I attempted to connect a new MDS 9509 Running NX-OS 5.0 (7) to an older MDS 9509 running SAN-OS 3.3(2) and it was a dismal failure.What I want to accomplish is this:Migrate my current production VSAN0002 from old switch to the new switch and th...

wghussey1 by Beginner
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n7k shared interface allocation

After update to NX-OS 6.0(1), we can't seem to get shared interface allocation to work.Has anyone had success with the "allocate shared interface" command?The error message says a vdc must be configured for fcoe sharing.  How do you do that?switch(co...

gbonill by Beginner
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FCOE design

I currently have a nexus 5010 with 10gb hosts and fiber attached storage at location A. At location B, I have an additional nexus 5010 with 10gb host with a CNA that will be using fcoe to connect to storage. I'd like for the host at location B to con...

jdclingan by Beginner
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Resolved! WWPN Not showing up on MDS 9124

I am working with the Cisco UCS. I have 2x FIC 6120 connected to two Cisco 9124 switches. I have 4 B200 M2 blade servers each with 2x vHBA's assisgned. On the MDS switches I am not able to see the first two blade server HBA's. I issue a sh floggi dat...

FCoE bandwidth

This is probably a really stupid question but I'm new to FC so bare with me.I know that 8Gb FC equates to about 6.5Gb on FcoEIf I have a 10GB CNA and I am running nothing but FCoE down it (no data just SAN stuff) form a server does the HBA interface ...

Nexus 5596 and Qlogic 8150

I am having a problem with getting the Qlogic 8150 working in a windows 2008 R2 server. I have the SAN connectivity working but I am having problem with  the networking.I have setup VLAN 666 as the data vlanOn the ethernet trunk I have setupethernet ...