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Hello, I'm just having a play with 2 Nexus switches (7.3) as I've not used this before. Currently I have 1 Nexus setup with 1 laptop connected on an access port and I've configured VLAN30 as an an HSRP and I eventually what to use HSRP between the 2 ...


Hi All i was trying to configure VSS on 2 6509 Cisco Switches however what are the prerequisite the slots and interface are different on the two switches does it have an issue ? Regards.

henokk601 by Beginner
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A customers router speed has been increased to 200mbps but their LAN speeds remain 100mbps. How can I either set individual ports to a max of 200mbps speed or set all ports to a max of 200mbps?  Thanks 

PIKEYMIKEY by Beginner
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I need to add one new 2960x switch to an existing production stack of 2960x. existing stack has got different IOS than new switch ,but stack protocol version  (maj.min) looks the same. do I need to upgrade the IOS or will it work with different IOS i...

Hi, I have issue that Windows (networking) start working in 1 minut after log in. !interface GigabitEthernet0/30  switchport access vlan 10 switchport mode access switchport voice vlan 20 ip arp inspection limit rate 300 storm-control broadcast level...

azim1 by Beginner
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HELLO, In my topologie ,we have two model of switch, the first is the cisco 4500 serie and the secound is the cisco  3800 série  ,when i connect the 3800 with switch 450; the switch 3800 reboot and the corporate network will have disrupt ,we have the...

HOURIA by Beginner
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I am deploying a pair of Catalyst C9500-24Y4C and need to configure Stackwise Virtual.  The release notes for Fuji 16.9.x states this is not a currently supported feature.  What is the time-frame for Cisco to add this feature to the Catalyst C9500-24...

Hello,Passed my ICDN1 and working on my ICDN2.  Have a question concerning STP and Designated PortSeems like in almost every example I have seen / read so far in books, the Designated Port in a LAN Segment that is in a forwarding state is connected o...

Smack2k by Beginner
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Resolved! boot system 3750 ?

Hello All I can not make boot systen command   switch3750s#dirDirectory of flash:/ ... 6 -rwx 20437632 Jan 2 2006 06:10:25 +06:00 c3750e-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE10.bin 7 -rwx 1919 Mar 1 1993 10:11:20 +06:00 private-config.text.backup 8 drwx 4096 Mar 1...

NBRK_Cisco by Beginner
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Hello. I am currently using two cisco Integrated Services Routers to set up communication between two networks. I was unable to push any traffic through the FE 1/1-7 ports so I put a static ip on my fa 0/1. I plug a dummy switch into the 0/1 on ISR 1...

damar1010 by Beginner
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Hello there, I'm seeking some advice on this strange issue: I have an old 1720 router with the usual console port. During the booting process I can see the output from the device on the consolescreen. After the booting process has finished I cannot i...

silk by Beginner
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