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Hi, I am using CISCO packet tracer to simulate a network, say I have PC1, PC2, and Router1 I connect PC1 to FastGigabitethernet0/0/0 on Router1 and connect PC2 to FastGigabiteEthernet 0/0/1 on Router1 1) I want to create 2 subnets on router:

Hi,   Got a 9504 with a N9K-X9732C-FX card and trying to enable MACSEC on a trunk port but I get the error: macsec is not supported on module 2 (Module 2 is the X9732C card).   I have checked the spec for the card on Cisco site and it says "Yes" that...

Hi,Hoping for a little help here. I'm trying to restrict traffic from certain vlans to a licence dongle server.  To make it easy, I've gone with a nice simple extended access list in a lab. I want to stop host2 ( from pinging host1 (10.10....

ajstan by Level 1
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Resolved! 3850 switch stack

I am stacking 2nd 3850 to existing production switch. Both has the same iOS. all the basics are covered but just having 2nd thought that Is there anything I should be aware of or missing anything??? Any expert advise?

Andyz by Level 1
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Hello everyone! The problem:We have about 1500 access switches with managment vlan.Network scheme is attached below.ARP aging time is not reset to zero with existing traffic in management vlans. We have OpenNMS which pings hosts every minute + takes ...

aleks by Level 1
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Some switch models require the command "switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q" to be set on a port prior to enabling the port as "switchport mode trunk".My question is:1.) What are the specific ramifications that occur (if any) of leaving "switchport ...

Hi I try to configure on a 1921 Router with SW Rev. c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-3.T1.bin a VRF DHCP Pool with Static ReservationThis is my configip vrf OFFICE rd 200:2 route-target export 200:2 route-target import 200:2!ip dhcp excluded-address vrf ...

Hi All,   Need some help on the below issue : Switch WS-C3850-48P, stack of 3.   I wanted to add a MAC address to the MAC access list but messed up:   I used >> mac access-list extended Allowed-User-MAC-ACL-IN permit xxxx.xxxx.xxxx ffff.ffff.ffff any...

kenyusuf by Level 1
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Resolved! C2960X PoE issue

Need to ask if anyone has ran into an issue that if 6 devices are connected in consecutive order? Co-workers have some switches that when they connection 6 IP Cameras on consecutive ports (17-22), port 18 and 20 do not power up.. This was duplicated ...