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I have two SG300 switches daisy chained.  I can SSH into the primary switch using SSH no problem.   I get the login as: prompt and then type the password and I am in.  On the other switch I get the first prompt login as: and I type in the user name a...

Good morning Cisco Community, I have 2 C9500 switches that have been stacked. All required Interface and VLAN configurations have been made as well as connection to the C9300 access switches.I have tried the following commands but still the problem p...

DrX1994 by Beginner
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Buen dia comunidad.Tengo el siguiente problema mostrato  despues de conectarme de un Switch a otro por medio de SSH.%SSH: CBC Ciphers got moved out of default config. Please configure ciphers as required(to match peer ciphers)Si a alguien le ha pasad...

We need a layer-3 redundancy between Firepower (2100) and Nexus 7K switchesSwitches and firepower IP schemes are mentioned.Both Firepower ( F2100) are running in HA mode separately.      

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Hi!I have a network with 3850 switch as core and 2960 switches on edge. VLANs are defined on 3850, VLAN 2 being the management vlan and 10-25 as other user vlans. A firewall is also connected to the core at access port configured at vlan 2.On the cor...

Amit K by Beginner
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I have to 2 X Gbics connected to MX 450 appliance and my desire is create a port-channel from the MX to cisco switch. upon completing the configuration i get UP/DOWN with interface status suspended. sho run int GigabitEthernet4/0/36interface GigabitE...

kfat by Beginner
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