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Is there a web page somewhere that would list the Cisco Catalyst switches that support QoS ? We have old and newer switches and we'd like to plan the usage of QoS, so we need to know how many already support QoS. Thanks

I have a pair of N7Ks which have a number of HP Virtual Connect (VC) equipped enclosures attached via LACP.The N7Ks insist on LACP Slow timeout, and the VC on Fast timeout.For details:http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/HP-BladeSystem-Virtual-Connect/Change...

Hi Guys,   We wanted to upgrade our nexus 5k switches with  Cisco Recommended version ie 7.1(4)N1(1)  from 5.1(3)N1(1a).   Model: N5K-C5548UP.   As per Cisco docs, we can upgrade it with disruptive process but can we go directly to target version or ...

Chia sẻ phương pháp bắt đánh lô đề dàn chuẩn và hiệu quả nhấtPhương pháp bắt đánh lô đề dàn chính là một trong những cách thông thường hiện nay, được rất nhiều người áp dụng để chơi lô để cho mình. Với cách chơi này nó cũng có lợi thế cho người chơi ...

adamlevine by Beginner
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Dear All,  Hope you have good day, I'm facing some network related issue in my workplace, i hope you have time to readout to understand my network structure and the issue.     I'm connected my different location through Fiber Optic Media Converter, f...

hasim by Beginner
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You'd think this would be easy. I have two switches in HSRP and VLANs that need to get re-numbered.   VLAN1->VLAN101  VLAN2->VLAN102 ect   I have a few VM hosts on these VLANs and the tags have been added to those systems. Each time I attempt to just...

enelson11 by Beginner
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Hello,   This is a noob question but i am doubting myself so i wanted to drop a discussion here to get the answer. In our current network, i am building out a management vlan so that SSH traffic and such can be used rather than through the normal dat...

  I'm having a strange problem when adding VLANs on a port-channel on a Cisco ASR.   *Jul 31 10:18:35.648: %IOSXE-4-PLATFORM: R0/0: kernel: ERROR: LPM Failed to insert into VLAN TCAM *Jul 31 10:18:35.648: %IOSXE-4-PLATFORM: R0/0: kernel: ERROR: LP...

exo by Beginner
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