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Layer 3 Port-channel with subinterfaces

Hi I am trying to figure out how to configure Layer 3 port-channel with subinterfaces.   This is my topology.   Two physical interfaces will be bundled into a single port-channel. My CSR will act as a "Router On A Stick". All interfaces on the switc...


Resolved! SNMP ACL on Nexus

Hello,   I am trying to create a SNMP ACL on a Nexus 9K. Previously I have created them using command similar to:   snmp-server community MyCommunityString RO 1   However, from what I can gather on the new commands, I have the following created to tr...

Resolved! Switch to Switch etherchannel issue

Hello. So for a lab I am doing with packet tracer, I am having an issue with ether channel. I have setup the etherchannel, and am able to ping through from pc through the etherchannel to another pc, but I am getting a vlan mismatch error. Pictures:  ...

112.PNG 111.PNG

Nexus 7000 CPU Utilisation

Hi I have a pair of Nexus 7000s acting as distribution switches for 52 access layer stacks of 3750x's. Southbound there are 52 Layer 2 VPCs into each N7K. The N7Ks are a HSRP pair providing L3 gateway functionality for all devices connected to the ac...

j-mccarthy by Beginner
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Cisco Routers Throughput

Hello all, my query is about the Throughput of Cisco Routers for both the ISR G2 as well as the 4000 Series. Is the Advertised Bandwidth Throughput of a Cisco ISR G2 (1900/2900/3900 series) Router an Aggregate of both Inbound and Outbound traffic or ...

Resolved! Urgent Cisco 2921 E1 config

Hi all I've configured new cisco 2912 router to connect through E1 cables, but still, the serial ports are down. the ports AL LED is Amber all time, even if I unplug the cables. The balloon is connected to DDF 1 F/3 POS 15 on E1 patch panel. Do I use...

Resolved! strange switching or routing issue

Hi, guys!   I'm experiencing a very strange issue. Let me describe topology first. So we have core switch ( it's a router as well) 4500 stacked via VSS with the another 4500 (ios bootfile is cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.09.00.E.152-5) on which nested ...

netrusoff by Beginner
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Resolved! trunk port c3750

I have a c3750 switch that connect to a utm firewall on one if it's ports.  I need to trunk that port so that it will carry the voice vlan.  If i configure the port as a trunk port with below configuration during the day, will that cause any signific...

mialbert by Beginner
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