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Is there a way to setup auto config rollback on NEXUS 5k / 7K, where if I make a config mistake and lost access to the device being configured, after X minutes, if I don't intervene, the device auto undo the changes.  This has been available on IOS f...

tachyon05 by Beginner
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Hi everyone, newbie here self studying. I was creating a lab for myself but I cannot for the life of me figure this out.  I have a switch with 2 vlans (vlans 1 and 2), each vlan with 2 hosts, and the switch connected to the router via trunk port. Als...

2 vlans with dhcp server.PNG
Shikk by Beginner
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Resolved! No switch boot

Upgraded the IOS on a 9300 switch and I can't boot, because I deleted the old bin file thinking I was good to go as I've done with other switches. I have not network connect bootable url's in boot variable not found or exhaustedplease check the rommo...

abarb002 by Beginner
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We have 4 new switches, each C1000-48P-4X-L with firmware 15.2(7)E4.We have already updated one switch to the latest version 15.2(7)E8, but the problem persists.Has anyone had a similar experience and how did you solve it? How did you troubleshoot?  ...

Xtof by Beginner
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You can see all the WAN interfaces. Can we create the VLAN at the WAN interface? How it's different from making the VLAN on switches? What is the difference between creating VLAN on switches or WAN interfaces.. Sorry for this dumb question. I am lear...

ankitohc by Spotlight
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I have a question regarding implementing bpdu guard/filter on access ports in my network that also have Cisco IP phones attached and the phones have desktop PC's plugged into them. Does a Cisco IP phone participate in STP and send/receive bpdu's? I w...

Hi, I have a lab that replicates our Core network consisting of 6 x C6880-X switches in a 3 x VSS topology. I have VLANs on each of these VSS's that have been assigned layer 3 interfaces and are also installed into the VLAN Database. In normal circum...

CliveG by Beginner
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