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Hi Team,   I Have 2 Cisco 6509-E with the following HW configuration and using the release Version 12.2(33)SXJ1. My Question is: Is this HW configuration compatible with VSS or do I need to change any HW?   Thanks in advance.   HARDWARE CONFIGURATION...

Brej007 by Level 1
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If I have an SVI on VLAN 999 and apply the following policy below under vlan configuration mode for 999 should this police my traffic inbound on that SVI?   I know I am unable to put the policy under the VLAN Interface directly -   ip access-list SW_...

GRANT3779 by Spotlight
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I just got a new Catalyst 3650 and was able to copy the configuration from our current switch to our new switch. The current switch has 3 ports each using a specific VLAN that are connected to a separate port on our firewall. I am trying to consolida...

ptukey by Level 1
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Hi All   I had a Cisco 7604 router where we accidentally format a boot flash image, now we have only console access to router but when i am transferring image via xmodem file transfer it is getting failed and while reading bootflash  i am getting thi...

The Switches shown in the attachments were offered to us for sale used. At first it seems like a "well known" Cisco seller in the Netherlands, but communication is from China and also the Company Details don't seem right. We are afraid not only this ...

Hi ,   i have two link in my company first link 20M download 20M upload , second link  20M download 1M upload . i have create a PBR to forward some users to to go through second link  .   My Question is there any way to chose the first link for only ...

shadow by Level 1
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What is the equivalent command of ‘show control-plane host open-ports’ on ISR4000? Closest I found is "show ip sockets", which gives me raw ports at the moment.   show inv NAME: "Chassis", DESCR: "Cisco ISR4331 Chassis"   show version Cisco IOS XE ...

jogolev by Level 1
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