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"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  Well, it isn't broken, but I want to ensure that I don't run into problems in the event of a failure.   I have a pair of 9k's (N9k1 & N9k2) set up as HSRP for a number of VLANs, with N9k1 as the active for each.  O...

Hi guys ! Hope someone can point me in the right direction. We have 08 Cisco Switch model WS-C2960G-24TC-L running a 15.0(2)SE8 ( MD ) -25-MAY-2015 firmware version.  All of them are working with more than 80% memory processor.   show memory statisti...

I just received a brand new out of the box 3850. I am configuring it for a very basic configuration, no VLANs nothing special.   I am new to the Cisco world, and all I am trying to do is give it a management IP. I am probably missing something, but I...

SeaLH by Level 1
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How is this possible? Sw1#show ip route Subnet not in tableSw1#show ip route connected is variably subnettedC is directly connected, Vlan60

eekman by Level 1
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Hi,   Can anyone tell me is it possible to do CCNA Collaboration(Voice) Certification before the CCNA R&S? Actually in Cisco website itself mentioned no prerequisites for CCNA Collaboration(Voice)   And is it possible to go for CCNP R&S Certification...

Rocx48 by Level 1
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Hi  We have couple of switches in datacentre (old one) and i can see that same subnet SVI is used in many switches. What is the purpose of that???. Like vlan 10 has SVI on core switch. The core switch is connected to an access switch whic...

I have a printer that will appear for 3-5 pings after the port is bounced, then it disappears.  I have removed all port security config from the port, upgraded the switch to newer iOS, and rebooted it.    Printer works if we remove the phone from the...

Farls999 by Level 1
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Hi gurus,   I've been racking my brain on this, and I'm hoping it's a really simple solution.  The configurations below are very basic.   Router interface f2 ( connects to switch interface g0/1 (  PC1 connects to switch and...

joel75941 by Level 1
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Hi  I have a cisco catalyst 4507R+E core switch that has been serving as DHCP in my network. I want to shift this role to a server, all configurations are set in the virtual server and ip helper-address is configured as well. But clients are not able...

mykie by Level 1
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