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Resolved! QOS Guide - Cisco 6504 with supervisor 2T

Hi  Please let me know valid qos design guide for the Cisco 6504 switch with SUP 2T, I am struggling to  find good document related  to following queuing system.  6504#show versionCisco IOS Software, s2t54 Software (s2t54-IPSERVICESK9-M), Version 1...

PNW Weer by Beginner
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Resolved! Blinking lights on an Aironet AP3702E

Hey all, I have a strange issue with 2 of my Aironets (2x AP3702E). They are connected to a Cisco 2504 controller. The LED on the front is blinking red, green, off, red, green, off, etc.  According to the documentation that I can see this means that...

J W by Beginner
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by Not applicable
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Resolved! EIGRP convergence

All Network is mid-to-large Current network has statically define default gateway pointing to inside interface of ASA. I want to route all browsing traffic out a different path to go through a different ASA.  Eigrp is advertising these alternate 0....

Cisco IE1000 vtp cdp ?

Hi Just bought two Industrial switches IE1000 4P2S and 8P4S. In some Cisco documentation it says that the IE1000 supports vtp and cdp. But I cant find any settings for either in GUI or CLI. Im running version 1.6.  What I also noticed is that IE2-400...

killroy by Beginner
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Need Help Router IP is Core switch Vlan1 ip is                      Vlan 2 is & i have one  Server and server ip is My requirement is 1-Those are connected to my LAN Network ( a...

Full DHCP relay setup of VLAN

Hi, I'll admit right off the bat, it's been years since I've done anything with Cisco devices (which wasn't much to begin with), so I'm stumbling in the dark a little. Help would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently in the process of setting up a ne...

Bas S. by Beginner
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Resolved! PoE probems with 2960X-48FPS-L

Hi, i have a stack of two 2960X-48FPS-L with SW 15.2(2)E5 which shows this in log: May 15 01:40:16.458: %HARDWARE-3-MCU_I2C_READ_ERROR: I2C read failed in MCU and attached devices (e.g. Temperature Sensor) can't be read.May 15 01:40:16.615: %HARDWA...

Superfritz by Beginner
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Loop Guard and UDLD

Hi Team , Loop guard and UDLD serve for same purpose but the difference is that Loop guard is part of STP process and will detect the loops due to software problems such as high CPU or memory utilization which will restrict to receive or send bpdu's...

cisco6121 by Beginner
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Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Android Mobile App

All, Please post your queries for Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Android Mobile App on this forum. For App's troubleshooting guide, you can use the link below: https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/13320246/cdb-app-android-guide Thanks, Ha...

hshah2 by Beginner
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