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Hi, I have an arp and ping timeout issue. ASR has the arp entry on its lan interface but cannot ping the ip address. I have a nexus in the same LAN and can ping the same LAN. Topology; ASR 1 ---- NEXUS 1 ---- WAN L2 LINK ---- NEXUS 2 ---- ASR 2 IP ...

Hello community, I have 2 Catalysts 2960X stacked to each other. Few days ago our stack master failed, soon we'll getting a RMA replacement, but I have question about "best practices" when replacing failed stack member. What are the steps to connect ...

damian.woz by Beginner
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Running 4507E and 4510E's with SUP 7E. Current code Level is  03.06.06.E   I have been running into a issue with losing POE Power on line Cards: WS-X4748-RJ45V+E . The card fails with the following error: %C4K_ETHPOE-4-SUPPLYFAULT: Module 1 POE contr...

pgarrigan by Beginner
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Dear Expert,kindly I have Cisco Core Switch 4507 24 POE 1G  + 6 SFP  , this model is End-of -sale and I have low Budget , so I need your recommendation for new L3 Core SW with 24 POE 1G  + 6 SFP fiber , thanks

Resolved! DHCP via switch

Greetings, So, I have an odd problem. I'm setting up a switch with 5 vlans. 10,20,30,40, and 50. .1-.49 excluded. vlans interfaces defined with .2 ip. I have a firewall w...

Dear Gentlmen,  I 've two core switches, 6509-E with Sup 2T version 15.2(1)SY1a, connected to each other using L2 trunk port channel,  My plan to connect two distribution switches  VSS 4500-X switches to both of the core switches as in the following...

I have two 2900s on the edge at my office, one with a Verizon multilink frame relay and one with an att ppp multilink. they have hsrp between them. on the serial interfaces on both of them, I have ip fow ingress and ip flow egress. I don't have anyth...

How many Class C subnets are available in the following ip address? /22 I just got off the phone for a networking interview and this was the question.  After approaching it from several angles, I'm not sure how to calculate this (or if...

Hi, I am reading the Cisco Press CEF book and I see the following in relation to generic FIB entries. drop— This entry drops packets destined to this reserved IP multicast address space when IP Multicast Routing is disabled. If IP Mult...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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