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I am a CCNA student. I created one simple topology with three routes , each router have 2 loopback interfaces represent the different networks. Router 0 have Area Backbone 0 , Router 1 have Area 1 and Router 2 have area 2.   Problem is When i changed...


Which component of the Cisco SDN solution serves as the centralized management system?A. Cisco OpenDaylightB. Cisco ACIC. Cisco APICD. Cisco IWAN may i know what is the answer ? B or C 

jonk34567 by Level 4
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Resolved! Improving Design

Currently I have 2 6509's connected via L3 HSRP and L2 port channel, that are being used as a core/distribution/access switch.  I also have 6509's being used as L2 access switches and each connected back to the cores.  The concern that I have is for ...

emcclend by Level 1
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Two statements about syslog logging? ( choose 2 )   A. Syslog logging is disabled by default B. Messages are stored in the internal memory of device C. Messages can be erased when device reboots D. Messages are stored external to the device

jonk34567 by Level 4
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if i set the value of configuration register to       0x2102----load ios from flash      0x2100----load ios from Rom     0x2142-----?    may i know what will happen if configuration register is set to 0x2142 

jonk34567 by Level 4
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hi there, hope u all are doing good have a query about ACL extended i m getting zero response of applying ACL in my network kindly correct my steps if there is any mistake happened i have settled different network with sub-netting   this is my runnin...

Hi, i am new with cisco and i bump into the same problem for the second time now. i have 2 switches each has a vlan with two pc's i enabled trunk ports and inter vlans in the router and it works fine in the first 2 switches but in the third for some ...

bearjew91 by Level 1
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Hi,    Our switch is at 93% memory utilisation and CPU has regularly gone above 80%. it is preventing me from using remote logon to the switch.   I am getting this error message on my 3750X: %Error on initialize VLAN database 1: VTP feature not yet i...

PC1- PC2- under Vlan 10   PC3- PC4. under Vlan 20   Router default gateway for vlan 10 for vlan 20   I can ping 1 and 2 and 2 and 4 in the same Vlan but I cant ping across f...

WIZARD1325 by Level 1
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  R1 and R2 are configured to be BSR as follows: ip pim rp-candidate Loopback0 ip pim bsr Loopback0 0 100   MSDP is also configured to let two domains to communicate as follows:   R1: ip msdp peer connect-source lo0 remote-as 65001 ip msdp o...

gongya001 by Level 1
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A question concerning the use of REP for IE-3000-4TC  switches:In figure 14 of REP pdf (see http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/switches/ps6568/ps6580/prod_white_paper0900aecd806ec6fa.pdf), can you explain why this  creates a loop in the syste...

dstehle by Level 1
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