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MTBF of the Nexus 5672

Hello, Are there MTBF numbers of the Nexus 56xx productline available? I am looking especially for the Nexus 5672UP switch MTBF numbers. I can't find them in the datasheet. Thanks in advance, Rob van Scheijndel

rvansche1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco Nexus 3064 switch and VDC support

Anyone know if  the Cisco Nexus 3064 switches support more than a single Virtual Device context (VDC)? While I can ssh into a remote 3064 switch and run the sh vdc command, I see it has one VDC. SwitchA# sh vdc ?  SwitchA          VDC number 1  res...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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Nexus 7000 mac address table full

We have a customer who gets the mac address tables filled in their Nexus 7000 switches. They have two WLC 5508 controllers connected to Nexus 7000 and it´s the wireless vlan that fills the MAC address tables. The Nexus 7000 supports 16,000 MAC addres...

hencar by Contributor
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Why are there checksums for different OSI layers?

Layer 4 uses psuedo header to calcualte the checksum and layer 3 uses all the values in IP header to calcualte the checksum value. But at Layer 2 ,CRC is calculated from ethernet header and payload.From layer 2 point of view payload is made up from l...

arun by Beginner
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Resolved! Quick Question on ACL and PBR

Hi, folks. Looking at a L3 switch that has the following config: access-list 100 permit ip host any access-list 100 permit ip host any access-list 100 permit ip host any access-list 100 permit ip host a...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! standard 802.1aq

Hi everyone, Why do you think, 802.1aq is not supported in Cisco switches?  Do you know if Cisco has a protocol with the same caracteristics to 802.1aq. I'd be greatful if you could give some information about 802.1q standard. Thanks!!!


Hello, Today I had to change a stack of  2x 3750 switches by a stack of 2x 3750X. then linked the whole phones as they were linked to the first stack. I copied the exact same run configuration from the first stack and add it the new stack. When the n...

Marc_AMI1 by Beginner
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[SOLVED?] 4500 Chassis w/SUP-8E & 48port UPoE card not forwarding port traffic without reboot

Hi All,I'm not new to Cisco and but I've got this shiny new 4506 chassis with a Supervisor 8E and single (for now) 48port UPoE line card.The config I have set up seems to be working, but some of the items we plug in for PoE don't seem to come up. (Th...

Switches not showing in CNA after upgrade

Having used Cisco Network assistant to upgrade some of my switches to the newest revision (15.0(2) SE9), although the switch is on-line and I can access via telnet, all of the HTML pages are inaccessible and it shows as off-line in Cisco Network assi...

DLuckman by Beginner
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