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dot1x max-start

hello, we want to use dot1x guest-vlan with PXE. now we ran into the problem that with default-timers PXE doesn´t work (very probably the client doesn´t have an IP when PXE is started). to speed up the guest-vlan we will decrease tx-period to second...

DHCP limited to MAC addresses

I'd like to know if I could limit the clients connecting to wireless on an 887W to a specific group of mac addresses. We have a problem of the SSID password being distributed and cannot disable the wireless as there are specific clients that can only...

Migrate Pim mode to dense-mode

Hi all, I have a 6500 and need to migrate this vlan to a NK 7000 interface Vlan101 description Prod ip address ip helper-address ip helper-address ip pim dense-mode glbp 0 ip glbp 0...

Resolved! %STP-I-EDGEPORT: Attention: port gi(X) from which the bpdu was received is configured as Fast Port

Hello guys, There are two switches sw1 and sw2 connected to each other with a trunk. sw1 config interface gigabitethernet11 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 7575,12 sw2 config interface gigabitethernet22  spanning-tree portfast spanning-tree bpdu f...

Odys (CSC) by Beginner
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2960 StackPort1 and StackSub-St1-2 in alarm

Hi, I have disabled the stack port by issuing the command: #switch 1 stack port 1 disable # show switch stack-ports  Switch #    Port 1       Port 2  --------    ------       ------    1          Down         Down However when my monitoring tool xymo...

markscrano by Beginner
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Printers and Copiers issue on 2960x

Hello,Strange issue, we have a small office with a 48 port 2960x switch that has some printers and copiers in it that have static IPs.For some reason we find if the printer or copier is moved to a different port we can no longer ping the printer or c...

Andy White by Participant
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Hi all,I'm facing an issue configuring route-map on a SVI on L3 Catalyst 3560. My go is to send all packets from THIRD_PARTIES network to my proxy server ( What Am I Doing Wrong? I've got an interface vlan40 as follows. interface Vlan4...

ciraompf1 by Beginner
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