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I am going to attempt to segment a small LAN with three VLANs.  I will have one VLAN for data, another for security cameras, and a third for public Internet access.  I have a good understanding of how to do this but one thing I am not sure of.  Do I ...

rob by Beginner
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Hi everyone, I have a Cisco3750G-24PS-S running in my home environment, along with other things. I was doing fine, until summer. Now, ambient temperature is getting too high, increasing the operating temperature on Cisco3750. Usually it runs around 4...

brcruz001 by Beginner
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Hello, when I try to trace Ip with source cellular interface form cisco router I always got asterisk as blow traceroute source Cellular0Type escape sequence to abort.Tracing the route to  1  *  *  *   2  *  *  *   3  *  *  *...

Mahmoud by Beginner
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Hello Experts, We have one static nat issue, i just wanted to discuss with you guys if some one had same issues like me  we have one router which is connected to LL and we are running DMVPN over that, inside interface of the router connected to fir...

3945 is running c3900e-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-4.M23560e is running c3560e-universalk9-mz.150-1.SEI've got brand new 3945's with onboard 16-port 3560e switches.  On the first power up I see that there are several new vlans added that appear to be defa...

Hi, I have N7k (NX-OS 6.2(2)) with SUP1, M1 and F1 linecards. I need to export netflow for traffic in VLAN 30 and I configured bridged netflow. Config is: flow exporter NF_EXP destination transport udp 9993 source Vlan101 version 9 flow ...

We are encountering the error message below however upon checking Cisco's Bug ToolKit information, we cannot find our IOS version from the Known Affected Versions list. Any inputs would help.CSCek26282 - MCAST-SP-STDBY-6-GC_LIMIT_EXCEEDED report on s...

John Pong by Beginner
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