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Hi,I try to remove a member of a Catalyst 9300 stack.I have done the following steps:power off the stack memberremove the stacking cable Switch(config)#no switch 2 ProvisionBut of the stack member is the port naming2/0/12/0/2I can't get any furtherTh...

I have a wild card of that isn't allowing the traffic to pass through the network. Background. the command i have in my 9300 is10 permit am using this wild card because I have computers that communicate back that onl...

kylehash by Beginner
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I am looking at getting some additional power supplies for our C9300 switches and was wondering if the C3KX-PWR-1100WAC model work or do the switches only work with the PWR-C1-1100WAC model.  If they do work, has anyone tried power stacking using the...

Good morning, Is anyone else running 16.12.3a IOS on 3850 switches? Here is an issue we are facing but I can not find any documentation of a bug in this code and its still recommended as the code to go to... Issue: POE Stops functioning on random por...

AdamF1 by Beginner
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Wildcard defaulting to the first value in the range of the wildcard and not allowing for any other value. The default value of 0 in the third octet worked, but no other value worked with the ACL rule in place. The wildcard mask should have allowed fo...

kylehash by Beginner
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Hello,Been doing a project and it's all been going smooth. On a IoT section and hit a problem.Few things I've done is basic things like:  - Sprinklers turn on when smoke detectors go off.  - Windows open when it gets to a certain temp.But I have no i...

jm1985 by Beginner
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So I have an assignment where I have to configure vlans. I know the commands to configure vlans but I am still confused as to how exactly they work, like I get confused when to use a trunk port or when to use an access, how to set up subinterfaces an...

E F by Beginner
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The stencil files seem to be corrupt at the following URL:  Products - Visio Stencils - CiscoIn particular, I am trying to download/open the Switch-Catalyst 3850.  They are in .VSS format.  And any attempts to covnert them via MS tools is unsuccessfu...

I have a requirement which needs your help, many thanks in advance for example, vlan 200 , have hsrp in 2-N7Ks in this vlan , but with a different group with different VIPunder SVI 200 hsrp 1 --VIP1 -- and hsrp 2--VIP2--10.10...

   am working in small company that have 4 switches all ready configured from old employer, i wanna to access the switches web interface then ask me user and password can i access it without reset coz i don't want to lose the configuration 

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xatuute by Beginner
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