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This PTTA is the first in the learning Packet Tracer series. The step is to connect a PC to ALS2. After completing on the physical layer, there is no SUBMIT and no auto advance action. The Next button is therefore greyed out and no way to continue wi...

KSTJ by Beginner
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Hello,I have this weird issue where the switch doesn't allow SSH directly from LAN majority of times. SSH and telnet from LAN times out. But if SSH'ed through VPN or through another network devices, it always allows.t version 15.2no service padservic...

farhanp by Beginner
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Resolved! VLAN Segmentation

We are a manufacturer, so we have PLCs that do much multicasting.  Sometimes a PLC message doesn't get to a computer or database in time.  I believe we are having timeouts.  I have many VLANs for different hardware or usage types, but I don't think t...

Hi,We have an appliance Cisco IE-2000 with lanlite which doesn't allow to apply port security.Will we need to purchase a lan base license for it if we want to use: lanbase license?The show license output is as belowsh licenseIndex 1 Feature: lanbase ...

ziqex by Enthusiast
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I am using a C9300-48UXM (IOS XE 17.03.04) to power a C3560CX-8PT (IOS 15.2(7)E3). Based on the Data Sheet, the C3560CX-8PT should be able to operate with a minimum of 2x PoE Uplink or 1x PoE+ Uplink. When I use 2x Uplinks, the switch can boot normal...

Hi to all, we want to enable nxapi on NX3548, but when i try to enable it i get the following: NEXUSA(config)# feature nxapi Error: Feature not supported on this platform It is very strange since the 3548 should support the API according to this doc:...

Hello everybody ! I'm coming on this forum about a problem with port-security. I'm currently settling port-security on all cisco catalyst on my network and it works fine. I have also 10 industrial IE-2000-4TS-L and for these the port-security comman...

So in our environment we have two locations with a 9300x-24Y switch stack acting as Layer 3 core (2 switches per stack), and both units have had connection issues with both the Copper GLC-TE and GLC-SX-MMD modules (both Gig Modules).  The GLC-SX-MMD ...

SITUATION: I have two switches SW1 and SW2. These two switches are connected with two trunk ports. While SW1 is connected to PC1, SW2 is connected to PC2.  If PC1 sends a broadcast frame to PC2 via SW1. SW1 transmits the frame to SW2. However, recall...

Adekunle by Beginner
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