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Hi Guys,I've configured the switch mentioned above with two networks in order to share the internet connection coming from a Windows 2012 R2 server, however, I'm facing a few issues. The networks are as follow: A - and B -

dsbsoares by Beginner
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Hi, When I type the command "Show stack-power", I receive strange information that I have 23 switch and 16 power supply into my stack-power. 3 switch 3850-48PS stack together. 4 PS of 715 wattsIOS Version 03.06.02E Power Stack         Stack   Stack  ...

hi! if I've a few questions about vlan1 switch1) can I shutdown the vlan 1 in a flat network, and at the same time able to manage the switch remotely? Otherwise, how do I enable remote management?2) will there be any downtime to the user if I shutdow...

dave dave by Beginner
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Hi, I have default route learned from OSPF and i want to redistribute it into EIGRP in a 4948 switch but it doesn't work: SW49:48:************************************************************************router eigrp 100 network red...

by Not applicable
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We have a three 3750 stack, the 1st two switches (one of them is the master) are running IP services IOS, the third is running IP base only.We configured WCCP on the stack and it works fine on one VLAN, but there's no redirection on the 2nd VLAN, the...

Anybody have a fix for this error?I am running what Cisco says is stable code c3560e-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE8.bin but the switch has reset 4 times in the past 12 hours.The full msg in the log is this:%SCHED-7-WATCH: Attempt to set uninitialized watch...

Would anyone be able to confirm that the below line card works with our T2 supervisors?  The original ones WS-X6704-10GE= are end of life and can no longer be ordered.    Here are the details below:Here’s are current supervisors & code version:VS-SUP...

Hello guys, I have a question, does 7k imige 5.2.5 support DLSW?Current I have 6009 we are using to establish DLSW tunnel to IBM main-frame, we planing to decommission this switch and then move the tunnel to a 7K switch. Please let me know your insid...

rizwanr74 by Rising star
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Hi,We have configured IP source guard in LAN switch (WS-C2960-48PST-S) and working fine with IOS version c2960-lanlitek9-mz.122-50.SE2.bin. Recently we have purchased same switch with upreared IOS c2960-lanlitek9-mz.122-55.SE7.bin but "ip verify sour...

  Is there any gotchas  going from code 12.2.33 SXI code to  15.1.2SY5 code ?  Or is it pretty much plug and play as long as you have enough dram and flash and the new code supports all the installed linecards ? 12.2 SXJ  seems to be end of software ...

glen.grant by VIP Alumni
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I have just started a new job where the infrastructure is overly complicated for what it needs to be here is a brief overview -There are currently 57 VLAN's in place although not all of them span the entire network. VTP is currently being used and th...