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Hi Chaps, I have a Cisco 1841 and i am trying to configure it to create a new network for my esxi lab environment. my home network is network is My problem is that from the ESXi host which has I can ...

Layer_Two by Level 1
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Hi,I have a few question about VDC feature in N7K. 1. Can we use N7K with multiple VDCs as Enterprise Core/Aggregation switch? In other words can we replace Cat 6500 with N7K in Aggregation/Core?2. Is there any other Nexus Family switch that offer VD...

S891 by Level 2
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Hi I have a switch where server are connected and this switch is connected to Core sw(VSS)[T1/1/1,T2/1/1] throught Portchannel(TE1/0/1,1/0/2).I am using LACP for portchannel, native vlan is 1 on both the sw, core is root with priority 0 and access ha...

Resolved! L2/L3 Etherchannel

I am planning a virtual network topology in accordance with Cisco's Campus Network High Availability Guide.The images below outline roughly what I am trying to achieve:http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/i/100001-200000/110001-120000/119001-120000/11...

Hi all, I have HSRP running on a VLAN and also DHCP issuing the default gateway as the standby ip address.  Basic security measure of HSRP authentication is enabled too so no one can hijack the HSRP session unless (the obvious) someone guesses/breaks...

Dan Smith by Level 1
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Hi there, I have a question. in this case,Why switch C and D is corret? I think switch A and B are desired to be root.Is there any reason that A and B need to be root for vlan 3 and vlan 4?? Thank you in advance.  

CATYO by Level 1
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Hi All i just purchased 10g SR sfp for 4510 RE switch i have and unable to cdp nei to 3750x switch I have right next to it. i verified i can cdp nei and see the switches from both ends when i plug a cat 6 between the both but when i plug my fiber in ...

PLC by Level 1
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This new 3650 series has been bugging me for the past year. Many things that used to work now doesn't.Over last weekend I have upgraded a 3560X to a 3650. The etherchannel seems to behave differently in 3650.Example,interface Port-channel10 switchpor...

adventurer by Level 1
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Cisco 3750 acts as a DHCP-server and after a restart the Cisco AP:s loses their IP address after the lease period. We have a Cisco 3750X-12s in our network which acts as a DHCP-server.When the switch restarts the AP:s loses their IP address after the...

matvir by Level 1
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This is going to be a bit hard to explain so hopefully the picture attaches correctly to help.Has anyone ever tried to front-mount a stackable switch with the mount reversed, which is to say in the orientation you'd use for 4-point mounting, but with...

bruhling1 by Level 1
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