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Hi there,Im in the process of taking over a network. The organization is at the same time in the process of upgrading their phone system (away from Cisco actually). I was tasked with reviewing the existing QoS config. They currently have QoS implemen...

 The existing running setup having Voice VLAN configured with data vlan 2012 and Voice vlan 2046. Now we want to disable data vlan  to avoide all data activitiess  and  to have only Voice Vlan enabled on the port. To accomplish this planning to remov...

Hello,Would like to implement a DMVPN as a backup in our network.  We currently have a head office with various branches.  The branches are connected to our head office via dark fiber.  Due to the dark fiber we have a pretty flat network with no rout...

casingnj2 by Level 1
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Dear, I have the following question:Can i link 2 VRFs with each other on a 3850 core switch. Please note that the VRFs are extended across a MPLS to a router in a data center and are connected there. So Data Center Router ====> MPLS ====> Onsite Rout...

Hello, I am trying to build my own small network test lab.  I already have most of my hardware ordered already and now I am trying to find the appropriate Cisco switch.  My switch requirements currently areNeed at least 20 1Gbps switch portsNeed abil...

Estou precisando cotar um switch cisco com as seguintes características, porém não sei o modelo. Poderiam me ajudar? Requisitos do SwitchInterface: 24 10/100 Base – TX PoE e 02 10/100/1000 Base T;Capacidade: Mínimo 12 Gbps; Tamanho tabela MAC Address...

Hi, we have the following configuration on our switchesspanning-tree mode mstspanning-tree extend system-id!spanning-tree mst configuration name test!spanning-tree mst forward-time 4 when we have a failover convergence time was about 8-10 seconds out...

jay_7301 by Level 1
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Hi Community,I have a stack of 3750G and i want to replace the master switch priority 15 coz of  faulty port . And I receive new switch from cisco WS-C3750X-24Switch Ports Model              SW Version            SW Image------ ----- -----           ...

Is it possible to have a switch auto assign a VLAN based on a PCs MAC address without using ACS server?e.g a pool of 20 / 30 MACs and if they plug in, switch recognises them and puts them in VLAN xxxI have ACS server 5.6 available, but really haven't...

GRANT3779 by Spotlight
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