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3750 SFP Routed port hangs often

HiI have configured Cisco 3750 in different places and I often get complains from the Client that the LInk down(routed port with sfp module) and the Uplinks are OK,When I check the Configuration I found that the Routed port is hanged. Restarting the ...


I just downloaded the SDM to access the visual environment of the configuration of 2 cisco routers 800 and does not work me.I worked with Windows XP and was working correctlyI installed Windows 7 profesional and now when I enter in SDM, the following...

Using a ASA as a router ?

Hello All,Attempting to use a ASA as a router !I have two class C networks and a side by side in the same physical building running on separate hardware.I have recently had a request to allow RDP sessions from the 172.20.99.X to ...

Alex Li by Beginner
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STP problems on Nexus 5000

Hello, i try to TSHOOT STP problems on Nexus 5000 and i need your help#debug spanning-tree error2014 Apr 10 09:29:43.579578 stp: BPDU RX: vb 1 vlan 902, ifi 0x16000009 (port-channel10)2014 Apr 10 09:29:43.579590 stp: BPDU Rx: Received BPDU on vb 1 vl...

Resolved! How many VRFs support a SUP7E

Hello,I have a customer that wants to change his CORE devices, he is concerned about the VRFs instances that he can configure, I know that in the SUP2T from the 6500 supports 8,192 VRFs:MPLS in hardware to enable use of Layer 3 VPNs and EoMPLS tunnel...

payala by Beginner
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VSS ePAgP question

Good Afternoon,Im just in the process of designing a new core replacement using 4500x in a VSS configuration.I have about 15/20 port channels to Distribution Cabinets. How many of these should i add into the VSS domain as trusted port channels in the...

Si by Beginner
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6500 booting from flash

I need to boot my 6500 from external flash, and I put the command "boot system flash s72033-adventerprisek9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI13.bin" to set the boot variable. But still the switch is booting from flash sup-bootdisk: and also the boot variable is set ...

STP & HSRP for VLAN Load Balancing across 6509E

Hi LAN Switching and Routing Experts,Some would say that HSRP load balancing is a well-known, developed and deployed best practice within the industry for load balancing of L2 traffic per vlan. A friend and former colleague explained that they do not...

chestes by Beginner
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Create VSS

I have a WS-C6506-E how CORE. I have a supervisor engine VS-SUP2T-10G and card WS-X6816-10GE.  CORE#show moduleMod Ports Card Type                              Model              Serial No.--- ----- -------------------------------------- ------------...

Resolved! L3 Switching / VLAN Isolation Q

All,I appreciate any input on this. There must be something I'm missing - I'm grateful for any hints or answers.We have two 4948-10GEs running in HSRP mode for some dozen VLANs. They have their priorities adjusted so they alternate in being the 'prim...

sfabel by Beginner
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DHCP conflicts

Hi  What is the principal reason therefore occurs DHCP conflicts??? Is very continuos the problems with DHCP conflicts, all day I need clean the conflicts Regards  

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