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Hello, we´ve Nexus 5548 with a simple ntp configuration.ntp server x.x.x.x use-vrf management key 10ntp source-interface  mgmt0ntp authenticatentp authentication-key 10 md5 xxxxxxxxxntp trusted-key 10Now the switch acts as a NTP SERVER. Because of th...

hdussa by Level 1
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Hi,I need to implement the equivalent of this on a 3850. Can anyone please provide equivalent commands for the newer platform from these older style commands? ip flow-export version 5ip flow-export destination 2056ip flow-export destination ...

lcaruso by Level 6
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I want to learn how a Cisco PoE switch sends the voltage on its ports ...I plug in two IP cameras. One camera runs, if you power it from a transformer, 5VDC at 800mA. The other, if you power it from a transformer, runs 9VDC at 1000mA ...How does a Ci...

I currently have a Cisco 2901 and am using 2 gig e interfaces. The first interface is connected to a single office network. The second has 4 sub-interface VLANs. I am adding a second 2901 and setting up HSRP. I have configured the HSRP for the single...

Denid0037 by Level 1
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Hello Experts, I am wondering if is possible to route a public IP over private network, please see the figure attached. The goal here is to reach the server behind router02, when a request comes from internet it will be routed to Router01, then, it s...

Hi Team,Could someone please let me know why am I seeing the int vlan counter rate as 0??????UK-Switch#sh run int g1/3Building configuration...!interface GigabitEthernet1/3 description uk switchport switchport access vlan 120 switchport mode access  ...

Hi all,I have the following configuration ,ip access-list extended BLOCK deny   ip any! class-map match-all BLOCK match access-group name BLOCK!policy-map BLOCK class BLOCK  priority 8  set dscp efpolicy-map QOS!interface f0/0 se...

I have an HP switch and I am attempting to replace the switch with a cisco SG200-50. The HP currently has a VLAN setup for wireless so that the wireless users cannot touch the production network. When I look at the current config of the HP, there are...