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I have 4 stacks for 2960X switches, 3 per stack. Running IOS C2960x-universialk9-mz.150-2.EX5.bin.Three different 2960x switches weren't recognized by the stack. Ports would stop working and sh ver would only display 2 of the 3 switches. There's no e...

I've multiple svis in subnet on the switch but i only want to run rip on SVI that has subnet. how to accomplish it? run unicast rip since we can't define classless mask for rip?

gavin han by Beginner
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Hello, We've got a Cisco Catalyst 6807-XL with a 40G fiber module (CFP-40G-SR4) and Nexus 6K with a QSFP+40G transceiver module.  We've tried the straight aqua fiber trunk cables and the crossover (flip pair) aqua fiber trunk cables from black box bu...

ASA 5505 IOS 9.2(2)ASDM 7.2(2)Due to our environment, I had to create an isolated Stand-Alone Root Ca server on MS Win 2003 to issues certificates to the ASA and Win XP clients (I know XP is dead but this is our requirement – for now). The internal D...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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Hello I have a 6807XL Switch, and I want to migrate to Instant Access solution, which 10 Gbps Line Cards must I buyWS-X6904-40G-2T  or  WS-X6816-10G-2TIn order to the Cisco 6800IA can joint to the 6807??Regards Rafael Barba 

r.barba by Beginner
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I have two vlans, vlan 100 ( and vlan 200 ( 100 is connected to router in interface gig0/0.1 and Vlan 200 is connected to router on interface gig0/0.2Now consider only for vlan 100i have a host with ip ...

Hi,I'm trying to decide between stacking and clustering two Cisco WS-C2960S. I'm setting up a Hyper-V cluster and need to incorporate redundancy at the switching level for the servers and SANs that will connect to this network (all SAN, cluster, and ...

Hi, i have a problem with a PBR statement. in juniper this statement work fine, but now i change the juniper with a Cisco 4500X.I try to disable the cef on the interface vlan but nothing.. what can be?the juniper per config and the cisco per config a...