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Hi everybody, I am having a strange behaviour with switches 3750G in web authentication. I have upgraded IOS  c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE9, with device manager. I have configured ip http authentication to local and the ip http server status is: HTTP ...

antilope1 by Level 1
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Dear All, I have configured my CIsco ASA 5505 in Head Office, it is working fine, but i have Router 891  series in my branch,.I just want to make VPN Between Cisco ASA and Branch. In my Cisco ASA at Head Office, i have Static IP address meanwhile in ...

Hi All,I'm plan to do supervisor engine upgrade from WS-SUP720-3B to VS-S2T-10G. Currently we have two 6509-E (redundant) and also have two Sup Engine. Can i know the best practise to do the upgrade?Is it I need to power down the 6509-E and take the ...

We have a couple of hosts in a network where that network will be removed.  These hosts are NTP servers so there are many devices setup to talk to the IP Addresses of these NTP servers.  The network that the NTP servers are in is an interface vlan on...

fasteddye by Level 1
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Hi Guys, I want to check with you guys if we can get an email from Cisco stating what model of the switch/router needs to be upgraded the IOS for latest vulnerability issues? I know we can search these up but it can be quite hard to search online. If...

Hi,I'm trying to configure a Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch to not allow traffic from our traffic generators to go over the trunk link to the rest of the network. Currently I have multiple VLANs that correspond to different lab setups, each having traffi...

Has anyone ever had to connect devices with SFP+ on one end and CX4 on the other? I am looking for suggestions of cables that are compatible with Cisco switches, the 3850 in particular. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Resolved! Unable to Ping

First let me apologize for posting probably such a simple question but i'm new to configuring routers so please be nice :) I have installed a 2nd router on our network (my first router config) from this router I can get out to the rest of the network...

Hello,I am trying to configure DHCP snooping on a Catalyst 3850 running software version 03.03.04SE.It just does not seem to work at all.I have stripped the config right back to the basics but at no point can my clients get an IP address and the DHCP...