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Resolved! Regarding MAC entries

Will all the MAC entries for a Port gets cleared once it goes down.Example:Assume that Fa0/1 port has 5 MAC addresses that can be reached through it. So when there is physical link failure on Fa0/1 or else i have given a shutdown command on Fa0/1. Wi...

Resolved! switch to switch connectivity design

If i have 8 x 2960 switches with 4 uplink SFP ports , would it better to connect the 2960s to 3750 uplink SFP ports so in this i might need to purchase 2x 3750 or purchase 1x 3750 with 24 ports SFP switch (so uplink port to normal port)? As my unders...

Resolved! ip policy route-map

Sir,I have the following conf on a 3750X.interface Vlan250 ip address ip policy route-map INTERNET_ONLY!access-list 10 deny 10 deny 10 deny

Cat 3750x-48P Stack Power Issue

Hello TeamWe have seen strange problem in our network related to stack power for cisco WS-C3750X-48P Switch. The network is running stack of 4 switches (cisco WS-C3750X-48P) with software version15.0 (1) SE2.Last week one switch went faulty. We did R...


Hi everybodyI need help to know what means the next log007925: Mar 18 2013 08:40:31: %FM-6-FM_CONSISTENCY_CHECK_LOG_STATUS: Consistency Checker found inconsistency.          Consistency run details : Timestamp 2013-03-18@08:40:31. Log Id: 9195       ...

jdiegocasa by Beginner
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Resolved! Different spanning tree mode between 2 switches

Hi Everyone,I did test below at my home lab.Access layer switch connects to the distribution layer switch.Default gateway of Access layer is distribution switch.Distribution switch rapid-pvstAccess layer  mstBoth distribution and access layer are run...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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3560X G1/1

Hello all! Wondering if you call could shed some light for me. We have just acquired some 3560X 48 port PoE switches and the switch as as interfaces G1/1 - G1/4 available. The 10G uplink module is not present in this switch. Can anyone tell me what t...

Resolved! Interconnection Between Cisco Nexus 5k

Hi everyone.I have the next question, If i interconnect two arrangement of Cisco Nexus UCS 5k by an VPC between them, i will have problems with that connection, i will have some impact?; there is any problem with the Vpc domains between them?Thank yo...

jmp780718 by Beginner
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6500 QOS_TCAM issue on 12.2(33)SXI2a

Hi,I need to implement a single QoS marking policy on +/- 100 VLANs. The MQC-policy contains 8 classes (including the class-default).The 8 class-maps refer to 8 named extended ACL for a total of +/- 1000 lines. I don't need marking stats.So I did the...

QoS - Vlan prioritization

Hi,We have three vlan defined in Distribution switch, 2 users Data Vlan "vlan 10 and vlan 15 " and one management vlan "valn 1300". We want to give priority to vlan 10.I want to do QoS to achieve this, he is what I want to do:========================...