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IOS upload via xmodem

Hi,I am planning to upgrade a remote site switch to a new IOS version. I have console access to the switch via a router at the same site.In the event if IOS crashes after upgrade and switch goes to rommon mode,Can I use xmodem to download IOS to the ...

irusha914 by Beginner
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Resolved! pvlan and trunk port mapping WS-X6548-GE-TX

Hi Cisco Support Forum,I was told that on the ethernet line card e.g. WS-6548-GE-TX, there are limitation on how you group the pvlan and trunking together as it has port to ASIC consideration or related to oversubscribing. Is this only applies to 651...

raylo by Beginner
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Show policy-map 3850

Hi guys...I'm configuring auto qos in a 3850. The problem I'm having is that when I issue the command "show policy-map interface x" i'm not getting the output from the documentation. This is what I get:XXXXXXX#sho policy-map int gig 1/0/1 GigabitEthe...

omarmontes by Beginner
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Flapping port connected to Dell NIC team

Hello,I've plugged 2 ports from a Dell server that are teamed and the switch console keeps saying both ports are flapping, what does this mean?  Both ports at both ends are configured as speed 1000 and full duplex.I haven't got access to the switch w...

Andy White by Participant
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Autogeneration of ORPHAN config files???

Does anyone know what feature is causing this? My customer is extremely detail oriented and I'm trying to find an answer.Directory of disk0:/    4  drw-           0  Oct 25 2013 15:29:44 -05:00  ORPHAN1    9  -rw-       55143  Jul 29 2013 15:03:22 -0...

Resolved! Non Intervlan Routing & Security

  Needing some help looking at this the correct way. I have a network with 5 VLANs, Management 1, Voice 10, Employee 20, Guest 30, and WLAN Authentication 100. With this network I'm looking to implement "Router on a Stick" type configuration. On the ...

Cody Hay by Beginner
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back Bone Switch

Dear Sir/Ma,I have configured a Cisco catalyst chassis (VS-C6509E-SUP2T) on Cisco Commerce Workspace(CCW).I want to include a 48 Port PoE 10/100/1000 linecard but i could not get this from the included Ethernet module option.Can I order a spare 48 Po...

rahman001 by Beginner
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Resolved! EtherChannel / Port Groups / Switch trunk/LAG | 2960S

Hi all,We recently upgraded to a some 48 port 2960S Catalysts and I have setup EtherChannel between the two of them.  I'm no expert here, so I just want to get some feedback on how I configured it.  I'm not having any noticable issues with the config...

Mark^ by Beginner
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Do I need a new router?

We currently have an ASA 5505, an 1841 router-on-a-stick, and all gigabit switches.  The ASA inside interface is on the LAN and the 1841 is of course on the LAN.I am looking to add VoIP to my LAN and am thinking that I need a new router.  A 1941 or 1...

Mark^ by Beginner
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Route for a single IP

Hi!We have one core switch and some access switches with vlans. The default gateway on the core switch is our firewall. We have connected a device to the core switch. The device has no default gateway for LAN Interface. We are able to ping this devic...

CSS 1150 Routing

We have below configuration,Content RuleContent Name - TEST_WPSVIP - - TCPPort - 2810ServiceName - TEST_WPS1IP Address - - TCPPort - ANYName - TEST_WPS2IP Address - - TCPPort - ANYCa...

Error after image load

Hi All,I am facing issue while upgrading an image , what I am noticing  the total bytes of 152.2.S.tar file  is  26388480 bytes .  at switch is its showing [OK - 26387881 bytes]  some bytes missing   the error because of incomplete image . please sug...

high cpu on 3750X

We recently deployed infoblox netmri.  Soon after turning on the snmp discovery, we started getting alerts from our monitoring system saying 3750X stacks were not reachable.  During  We verified that during the time when we receive the alert, the swi...