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Resolved! Routing and Data

Hi,I want to know what is difference between routing and data transfer? Is routing means to just reach a packet from source to destination, or reply must come back? I mean if we receive a ICMP error then is this still possible that we've done routing...

A client wants to setup a VPN with us and they want us to traffic  non-RFC1918 (Public IP) address through the tunnel. Is the following config correct or am I missing something?interface Vlan10 nameif outside security-level 0 ip address

mmapa1980 by Beginner
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Hello,I am trying to connect a 2960 swith to 3560X using port channel. I have configred the switches with the following configratuion and connected them with straight ethernet cable, the link came up and then it went int err-disable state. I re-enabl...

Wajma_2 by Beginner
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Straightforward solution is QSFP+ -> QSFP+. I cannot deploy MPO for policy reasons.  Can I, though, get a 40G connection using the 10Gig ports and standard fiber cabling?  I know that connector loss is an issue also.  I am going approx. 25m, switch t...

pscleroso by Beginner
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Resolved! 10 Gig connection

This seems that it should be simple, and I am probably overlooking something stupid.  Somebody please point it out to me.Connecting a WS-C4948E-F with a SFP-10G-SR to an ASR1002 with a XFP-10G-MM-SR.Using standard MM fiber.  Link will not come up.I h...

miyork by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,I've got a C6504 Chassis with Sup2T with default qos configuration (auto qos default gobal command). When I use the "show platform qos ip" command I can see the following output: QoS Summary [IPv4]: (* - shared aggregates, Mod - switch m...

HelloI have a Cisco 2821 router doing Dhcp Server I also have a Hp wireless access point. I have the DHCP server up and running but need the Option 43 Hex value for IP Any Help would be great.Thanks

Hi,Pls find the capture of WiresharkSoruce: IP: have webfiltering server(websense), So Any traffic which going to Internet it will be filtered via websense, We are suspecting some issue...

Hi All,Just doing a quick sanity check on my decision before I purchase but have found some conflicting information that I do with help clarifying!I'm purchasing a 3750X-48 and need to run OSPF, can I do this with IP Base? The Cisco product page woul...

Hi all, I am gobsmacked:configured two Catalyst 2960G switches connected via trunk ports. Configured on both of them int vlan1 with IP address from the same subnet Configured all other ports on both switches with sw mo accsw acc vlan...

HiI recently got our new 4500X delivered and I'm trying to wrap my head around how the Fa1 out of band management works in VSS mode compared to how the 2960 out of band management ports work and behave. The 2960's in stacked mode only have one of the...

Hi, I am looking at a deployment of a Nexus 6004 and 6001 with FEX 2232TM-E between the racks in our DC enviroment and have come up against a bit of a problem in that I don't seem to be able to find out what cables I need to use to connect the FET-40...

Hello,   I work in a small company that has about 75 clients, and about 10 servers, and I have a refurb 4948 that's not setup yet, currently on the live network are asa5510, a sg300, voip system, and an old 2960 that's currently my core sw (the 4948 ...

Carlomd by Beginner
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