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Hello, What is  Opt-E-Man is a techology similar to mpls or is the same to a T1 or DS3 line or is a service.  Does  Opt-E-Man us T1?

Hello, Is there a way to configure a failover scenario for source based static NATs? I know it's possible with destination based static NAT's through the use of route-maps, but not sure if I'd use the same method for source based.  Basically this is ...

Hello, We have purchase supervisor engine 8 for 4500 switch and we plan to make a change for existing supervisor engine 7.Will the change mess up existing configuration? I need to make a change on central switch, so before I do it, I'd like to know a...

Dear All,Right now we have the problem, that SFP-10G-LR are not working on Cisco 3650 10G Ports - IOS XE 3.3.0SE (see TE1/1/3 and picture in attachment). Which is really strange, becuase in the compatability matrix and in the datasheet this Module is...

mlinder01 by Level 1
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I read http://blog.ipexpert.com/2010/11/08/bgp-peering-and-default-routes/ and understood that BGP speaker will not initiate BGP connection with the other BGP router if it can reach it via default route only...And BGP peering will not come up at all ...

hello,i have the following setup1 router connected to two access switches.to configure inter vlan routing, can i do the following ?1- configure svi on the router for each vlan ( int vlan 1,etc..)2- configure links between the router and switches as t...

asus zowey by Level 1
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hi all,just a quick question, we got routers configured with LAN interface and bridged to a BVI interface.i want to set the ip tcp adjust-mss 1420 but which port will take precedence?my question, which port do i configure this command? interface Fast...