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Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad AppWe have a new install of OM3 fiber between buildings. Distance is around 600 FT. One one end is a 4510RE running cat4500e-UniversalK9-M, ver 03.02.00.SG (fc4). Connecting to line card WS-X4306-GB with a WS-54...

psiegling by Beginner
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Hi all, I want to perform bi directional chap authentication but couldnt do it, pls tell me where i am wrongR1#username r1chap password 0 r1chapint se 1/0 ip add encap ppp ppp authentication chap ppp chap hostname r2chap ppp ...

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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HiI have a cisco SG200-08P switch. I would like to power a device (TP Link TL-WA901ND) that supports passive PoE.However it seems that the SG200 series do not support this?Am I correct in this assumption, and if so is there a workaround?Thanks for lo...

wookie_73 by Beginner
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Hi,We have this network , where a particular vlan(eg. vlan 10-wireless) is being configured for dhcp ip allocation & this is done by a third party authentication box(similar to ACS).This vlan10 is only applicable to wireless users.Now in the same net...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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hello , we have attached config with two sites primary and secondary data centre 1 as primary data centre 2 as secondary . We were expecting for internet access it should have used primary site but whats happening is internet is going from both datac...

Resolved! Ping Issue.

   I have an issue pinging from one host to another using Cisco 2600 routers.   I can ping from a host throught router A across the t1 to router B's e0/0 port and then the ping stops. This happens going both ways.  Attached below is one runnning conf...

hello, we are using a 3560 switch and the cpu utilization is constantly showing 88 %.This switch is doing routing and leased lines are connected to service providers.Is there any trouble shooting steps that can be done?thanksVIvk

We have a DC network comprising 2 x VSS clusters and 2 x Nexus 5020 VPC pairs.The 5020 switches do not have "peer-switch" defined (i.e is seen as individual STP bridges).To simplify and to make the solution more robust we are planning to configure "p...

jorgensor by Beginner
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