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This topic probably discussed gazillion times..my apologies but things are not making sense to me!!!Lets say I have Cisco 29xx router running and I want to change the run-config to a new modify one. How do I do this using usb stick? Is new run-config...

G3261 by Enthusiast
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I am getting the following error on how to recover the image, please help me. Xmodem file system is available.Base ethernet MAC Address: 04:6c:9d:7c:79:00The password-recovery mechanism is enabled.USB EHCI 1.00USB EHCI 1.00USB Console INITInitializin...

Hi Experts,I have some confusion with holding Mode button with cisco 2960/3560 switchs.I read out many forums and articles but where things are unclear.somewhere given 3 seconds and somewhere it is given 7 or 10 seconds.Qus1)  What is exact time to p...

HiWe're facing an issue on core switch nexus 9504 S/N: FOX2148PHMM  PN:800-41485-01L0 and PID: N9K-C9504. That one of the power supplies did not work. So we need your support ASAP because it's a very critical issue for us.

Is there a simple way to really verify that the cisco 3560 is a layer 2 or layer 3 switch? or is it actually dependent upon the ios image that it's running?Switch model number is WS-C3560-48PS-SThanks.

Hieu Cao by Enthusiast
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HI AllI have a stack of 4 SG550X-48 switches. I am using them for a IPTV system so most of the endpoints ate IPTV decoders.  if I load the first switch in the stack with more than 10 endpoints all switches in the stack will drop multicast packets alm...

Anyone knows why the following commands work on Cat3650 switches but not on Cat9500 siwtches even though both are running the same version (16.12.4) 95-61-03351-AC01-ST0(config-if)# authentication control-direction in%Command deprecated ( authenticat...