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Strange Layer 2 path

Hello,I have a strage Layer 2 path between 2 switches.Switch A - a 3550 running Version 12.2(44)SE - ospf routingSiwth B - a 3750 running 12.2(55)SE3 - no routing protocol, no default gatewayThere is a layer 2 trunk connection (ethercahnnel) between ...

Mac addressing not learned

Hi, we have a Nexus 5548 in our test/dev environment, but for some reason it isn't learning Mac Addresses. If I submit a "show mac address-table", bothing comes back. We have about 20 nodes on the switch. Should be coming back with something. This is...

jclj by Beginner
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Cisco recommendation - stack switches

Hi All,Would like to know the maximum  no. of recommeded switches in a 3750 stack. I know the maximum allowed is 9 but wanna implement the best practice knowing the same.Please let me know link wherein cisco as mentioned the same.regards,VB

Connect SF302-08P to Catalyst 3750

I am trying to use a SF302-08P switch to connect a conference phone (Cisco 7937) to my infrastructure.  I connected the G2 port on the SF302 to a Gig copper port on the Catalyst.  I configured both ports as trunked ports and port e1 on the SF302 as a...

rmavis by Beginner
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Maximum Distance for FCOE

We are looking to deploy two Nexus 7009 cores at our two datacenters. They are approximately 2 miles apart. We are hoping to have 10G Dark Fiber between the buildings and therefore dedicate a pair for FCOE between the cores using 10G Long Range SFP's...

AMD_GAMER by Beginner
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