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Hi,we have an issue with a single device picking up DHCP.  PCs on the vLAN are picking up DHCP addresses fine, however another device does not.  If I disable the Cisco DHCP on that vLAN and use an alternative DHCP source, (I downloaded a freebe DHCP ...

sgrinnall by Beginner
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hi, i am running      WS-C2960G-48TC-L   12.2(25)SEE3            C2960-LANBASE-MI know I can do interface vlans but will I be able to do basic routing to another network using the interface vlansThe end goal is to have a switch uplink to another swit...

lkadlik by Beginner
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Hi Team,I need to create in such a way both my login should work if i use Tacacs and local username and password at same time.i mean if my Tacacs is down or not i should be able to login with local username.Thanks in advanceRegards,Satya.M

I am beginning to study for my CCNP exams. I am currently looking for a router for my lab. What is a good choice to study for the exam? Is one router enough or do I need two to study for the exam? My other question is, do all routers have Rip, EIGRP,...

Cisco1619 by Beginner
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Hello sir, how are you?Im now configure a UC560 voip with 8 vlans.I would like configure 2 WAN channels to vlans, 1 route to WAN to vlan of voip, 10.10.x.x and other route to WAN to others vlans 172.16.x.xSo, the command to voip is ip route 10.10.x.x...

Hi Guys,A quick question regarding bgp dampening. Lets say router A is the redistribution point between ospf and bgp. Some routes learning from ospf on router A are redistributed into bgp. Can i configure bgp dampening on router A such a way that if ...

yhameed81 by Beginner
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We have two UCS chassis, two fabrics interconnect and two nexus 5ks that make up our vSphere infrastructure. The nexus 5ks only do our Layer two and storage switching and we use a pair of 2960 routers for our layer 3. We are getting rid of the router...

djohnson by Beginner
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Suddenly got a call from a client that their internet connectivity is down. After reaching the site, I checked the everything & found that there is no traffic coming in to the ASA's Inside interface.The interface was showing up but no traffic coming ...

Salam Aleykum.I have WS-C2960-25PC-L  switch. It turns on normal. In normal working state, it unexpectedly hangs on, does not work, even MODE button does not work. No reactions.What should be reason?Need your help.Regards,     Samir Aliyev  from Azer...

Hello,I had these logs on my cisco 6506-E with the new IOS: s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI5.binFeb 21 09:12:28 MET: %SM-SP-4-PERSIST: Persistent event 'link_down' did not leave the current state 'link_down': pm_port 1/7Feb 21 09:20:25 MET: ...

Hi ,   I proposed RPS2300 with dual PWR-7500.  I connected two WS-C2960S-48FPD-L to RPS2300.   when i disccounted AC power to both of 2960S switch and Let them use  Power from RPS.   after that, I discounted one of Power source from RPS2300. so Only ...